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Cheesy Chicken Crescent Rolls.

Cheesy Chicken Crescent Roll

April Alvarez avatar
By April Alvarez
I had this at a church dinner. It's very easy and very good.
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Sausage and Cheese Crescent Square on a plate.

Sausage And Cheese Crescent Squares

Penny R avatar
By Penny R
This can be used as a breakfast dish or an appetizer. We love it ...
(11 ratings)
A slice of Crescent Sausage Casserole with eggs.

Crescent Sausage Casserole

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By Jenny Morrell
This is a scrumptious breakfast or brunch casserole. It has all the elements of breakfast ...
(25 ratings)
Zucchini Crescent Casserole ready to be sliced.

Zucchini Crescent Casserole

Shirley Schiavone avatar
By Shirley Schiavone
This is a wonderful vegetable dish. My significant other really enjoyed it and wants me ...
(3 ratings)
Sweet and savory breakfast pizza topped with sour cream!

Sweet And Savory Crescent Breakfast Pizza

Amanda Dunlap avatar
By Amanda Dunlap
My husband loves all things cream cheese!! This is an easy delicious breakfast that ...

Runza Casserole

Karen Petree avatar
By Karen Petree
I quit introducing Cara as my wicked step-daughter after she prepared this Runza casserole dish ...
(8 ratings)
Stuffed Crescent Pepperoni and Maple Sausage Pizza

Stuffed Crust Crescent Pepperoni Maple Sausage

Catherine Ferensic avatar
By Catherine Ferensic
Made a Pizza for Lunch
Gooey inside of a Strawberry Peach Pie.

Strawberry Peach Easy Pies

Karen Rees avatar
By Karen Rees
What I cook my family when the sweet tooth is calling and my pantry echos ...
(5 ratings)
A dish of Easy Crescent Dough Lemon Bars ready to be sliced.

Easy Crescent Dough Lemon Bars

Amber Moon avatar
By Amber Moon
Super simple and a hit. My mom now requires me to make these for her ...
(10 ratings)
Two Raspberry Honey Walnut Crescent Rolls on a plate.

Raspberry Honey Walnut Crescent Rolls

Cindy Graul avatar
By Cindy Graul
Reached in the fridge and said, "What a lovely combination of ingredients." I loved it, ...
(15 ratings)

Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents

Annamaria Settanni McDonald avatar
By Annamaria Settanni McDonald
These are so good and simple. It is superb with or without the sharp cheddar ...
(22 ratings)

Bacon-ranch-veggie Squares

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
.Did you know the Pilsbury dough boy has a name? In 1965, the Leo Burnett ...

Crescent Moon Cookies

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Did you know the moon isn’t round? It’s actually shaped slightly more like an egg, ...
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Purple Ribbon-winning Cresent Rolls

Kathy Carlson avatar
By Kathy Carlson
I once entered these in a Pillsbury baking contest. When I went back (I missed ...
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Pb&j Cheesecake

Lindsay Dougherty avatar
By Lindsay Dougherty
This sounds like a strange mixture, but it is so good. If you like ...
(2 ratings)

Meatball Mummies.. A Pillsbury Crescent Recipe

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
This Pillsbury Crescent Meatball Mummies! are a fun twist on the popular Pillsbury Crescent Mummie ...

Best Ever Crescent Rolls

Nathaniel Lutz avatar
By Nathaniel Lutz
These rolls are very moist and slightly sweet. Great for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner! Enjoy!
Try My Taco Crescent Ring it's Delicious

Taco Crescent Ring

Cheryl Culver avatar
By Cheryl Culver
This is a hearty Taco Ring filled with meat and cheese and then topped with ...
Only takes about 15 min to prepare total time 60 min ingredients

Apple Pie Crescent Braid

Cheryl Culver avatar
By Cheryl Culver
This is an easy and elegant dessert to make and the taste is Really Scrumpteous It's ...
Bacon, egg and cheese pockets

Homemade Breakfast Pockets

Judy Wisniewski avatar
By Judy Wisniewski
Every Sunday morning we have breakfast together. My daughter is back to school and joined ...
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Originally Recipe from Now You're Cook'in

Easy Cheese Danish

Hollie Cameron avatar
By Hollie Cameron
Recipe was found originally at: Now You're Cook'in
(2 ratings)

Crescent Roll Taco Bake

Lora DiGs avatar
By Lora DiGs
(1 rating)

Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings

Sheila M avatar
By Sheila M
Going by the picture on this it looks amazing! Seems like a lot of ...
(4 ratings)
Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Cindy Talley avatar
By Cindy Talley
We love the cheesecake bars, but adding cherry pie filling is decadently good.
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