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Panko Crusted, Lemon Pepper Swai

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By Amy H.
We used Swai, but you could do this with any mild white fish that you ...
Fish, from fish and chips

Fish, From Fish & Chips

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By Annastiina Salonen
For the traditional English "fish & chips" fish cod or haddock is used but in ...
Turmeric Lemon Butter Basted Cod on a plate with asparagus.

Turmeric Lemon Butter Basted Cod

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By Jennifer R
I got some turmeric salt because I seem to be obsessed with turmeric lately. I ...
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Healthy And Delicious Fish Tacos

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By Amy H.
Baking the fish like this gives it a nice crispy coating without frying it in ...

Cod Fish Rolls

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By Amy H.
When real lobster isn't in the budget, and you want something healthier and less processed ...
Lemon Butter Baked Cod on a platter.

Lemon Butter Baked Cod

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By Tammy Kendell
This recipe makes any white fish juicy and delicious. It makes a fantastic meal when ...
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A platter of Fish Fillets With Brown Butter.

Fish Fillets With Brown Butter (pan-fried)

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By Cosette Khoryati
This is one of my favorite fish dishes. Quick, simple, and delicious.
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Tarter Sauce

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By Amy H.
I'm not a fan of commercial tarter sauce. I don't love the sweetness or tangy ...
Two pieces of battered fish on a plate with French fries, tartar sauce and a lemon wedge.

Beer Batter Fish

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By Francine Lizotte
This Beer Batter Fish is light and flavorful. It gives the crispiness that you ...

Beer Batter Fish Tacos

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By Cyndi Williams
My first experience with fish tacos was in Ensenada, Mexico and they were delicious! ...
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Spicy Fish Soup

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By Bre Van Patten
One of these horribly frigid nights this winter, my husband and I came up with ...

Creamy Seafood Chowder

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By Lynne Hawkins
I have made Seafood Chowder numerous times over the years. I think - and ...
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Seared Cod With Cilantro Lime Rice

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By John Barnes
This dish tastes as good as it looks. The Char flavor on the seared cod ...
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Cod With Brown Butter And Capers

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By Jennifer R
This is a super easy, super fast weeknight dinner. It can be adapted for your ...

Baked Cod With Pesto & Garlic Lemon Butter By Noreen

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By Nor Mac
This is a very flavorful dish. Even the person who doesn't like fish will ...
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~ Scrumptious! Lightly Dusted Baked Cod ~ Cassies

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By Cassie *
I love the lightness of the coating on this fish. Seasoned just right. Perfection! Season ...
From Instagram: Bacalao con papa y huevo

Cod Fish With Potatoes & Eggs

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By Monika Rosales
I remember my mom making this when I was growing up, although I never ate ...

Superb Fish Chowder - Cassies

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By Cassie *
I concocted this delicious chowder for the fish contest in one of the groups I'm ...
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Cornflake Crusted Cod

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By Kim Biegacki
Another simple fish recipe with what I had in my kitchen. This turned out so ...
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Delicious Oven Fried Cod

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By Cassie *
Yum! Deliciously crunchy fish without all the fat. My kids love when I make my ...
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Cod Spring Rolls

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By Andy Anderson !
I love Springtime, and I love spring rolls. They don’t have to be served in ...
Delicious - Baked / Broiled Parmesan Fish

Delicious - Baked / Broiled Parmesan Fish

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
Fish done this way, is absolutely delicious...try it sometime, and see what I mean...I've used ...
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So yummy

Spicy Baked (not Fried) Fish Cakes Big Easy Style

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By Andy Anderson !
Another cold day in Wichita, and another wonderful chance to spend time in the kitchen, ...
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