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Potato and Cabbage Casserole baked until golden brown.

Potato And Cabbage Casserole

Susan Seybert avatar
By Susan Seybert
This is a delicious side to ham and turkey.
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A bowl of Potatoes, Cabbage, and Bacon.

Potatoes, Cabbage, And Bacon

Lora DiGs avatar
By Lora DiGs
My family has been making this dish forever. Everyone who tries it loves it.
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German Sauerkraut and Bratwurst and Bacon Onion Potatoes on a plate.

German Sauerkraut & Bratwurst & Bacon Onion Potatoes

Terrie Hoelscher avatar
By Terrie Hoelscher
This is authentic! I lived in Germany for 3+ years. This is the way my ...
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Farm Fresh Coleslaw With Two Variations

Family Favorites avatar
By Family Favorites
This is, hands down, the best coleslaw recipe. The best part is, it's ready in ...
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Bonnie's Hot Purple Cabbage

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
This is a delicious dish, and it is the perfect complement to an entree ...
Plated corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots.

Slow-cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
This corned beef is so easy and so delicious. The hardest part is peeling the ...
A large bowl of Cabbage Salsa with a lime wedge.

Cabbage Salsa

Vicki Moser avatar
By Vicki Moser
I make this once a week. My family and friends love it! I can't take ...
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Cashew Chicken Wraps With Tangy Slaw

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
I found an instant pot recipe in a cook book while I was house sitting ...
Fried Cabbage With Bacon ready to serve.

Fried Cabbage With Bacon

Kadijah James avatar
By Kadijah James
I love this as a main dish or a side dish ever since my grandma ...
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Moo Shu Chicken

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
It's simple and delicious!
Boiled Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner ready to be served.

Boiled Corned Beef And Cabbage Dinner

Monica Keleher avatar
By Monica Keleher
Happy St. Patrick's Day! The best corned beef dinner ever. It's a big hit with ...
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Cheese sprinkled over Real Italian Minestrone Soup.

Real Italian Minestrone Soup

Terri Slotterback avatar
By Terri Slotterback
My aunt got this recipe from an Italian chef in Center City Philly way back ...
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Bowls of Cabbage and Sausage Soup.

Cabbage And Sausage Soup

Mike Killebrew avatar
By Mike Killebrew
This is one of my top three cabbage recipes. It's healthy and so good.
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A bowl of New Year's Black-Eyed Pea and Cabbage Soup.

New Year's Black-eyed Pea And Cabbage Soup

Annette Rinehart avatar
By Annette Rinehart
I like this recipe for New Year's Day. The black-eyed peas for good luck and ...
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A platter of Galabki (Real Polish Stuffed Cabbage).

Golabki (real Polish Stuffed Cabbage)

Linda Kauppinen avatar
By Linda Kauppinen
Pronounced go-WOM-bki, also known as cabbage rolls. This recipe is the REAL Polish stuffed ...
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Fresh egg rolls yum!

Easy Fast Egg Rolls.

Mary Hendricks avatar
By Mary Hendricks
Easy shortcut .. buy a bag of coleslaw in produce. Saves time has a good ...
A platter of Crock Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Crock Pot Corned Beef And Cabbage

Suzan Powers avatar
By Suzan Powers
Even though I am vegetarian (no meat), a few times a year, I take a ...
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Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Tonna Canfield avatar
By Tonna Canfield
My husband has always loved cabbage rolls and I decided to create my own recipe ...
Cabbage Roll Casserole ready to serve.

Cabbage Roll Casserole

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
Cabbage Roll Casserole is an easy family favorite. It combines all the delicious flavors of ...
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A large bowl of Southern Fried Cabbage.

Southern Fried Cabbage

Michelle Crawford avatar
By Michelle Crawford
This was my favorite growing up. It was a New Year's Eve tradition (and still ...
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A serving of Chicken Apple Sausage One-Pot Dish.

One-pot Chicken Apple Sausage And Cabbage

Michelle Cory avatar
By Michelle Cory
My mom created this over 10 years ago using Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage and it ...
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A bowl of Black-Eyed Peas and Little Smokies With Cabbage.

Black-eyed Peas And Little Smokies With Cabbage

Robin Lieneke avatar
By Robin Lieneke
This is the perfect New Year's Day lunch. The broth is so tasty, you will ...
(9 ratings)

Corned Beef & Cabbage Hoagies

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
I made this recipe because I discovered some chopped corned beef in my freezer that ...
Batch of veggie comfort it warms the soul

Easy Veggie Soup

Mary Hendricks avatar
By Mary Hendricks
My family were soup eater's. . This was an easy satisfying bowl of comfort. Summer ...