Vietnamese Recipes

Shortcut Shrimp Pho

I love pho! It is very difficult to get locally. I thought I would ...

Lettuce wraps shrimp and shiitake mushroom tempura with fish sauce

Lettuce wraps shrimp tempura w/ fish sauce

This lettuce wrap tempura recipe is a quick and easy dinner fix, crunchy with shrimp ...

Photon Soup

This is a super easy wonton soup that is in the style of a Vietnamese ...

Vietnamese Lime Chicken Wings (Grill or Broil)

The chili sauce can be hot, so use sparingly until you know how much works ...

Asian Chicken Meatballs Lettuce Wraps

Yummy. I like to use sweet soy sauce instead of sweet chili sauce sometimes.

Pho Ga Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

This soup takes a little time but the broth is worth it. So good. You ...

Blackberry Hoisin Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich

It may seem like a lot of steps to accomplish this amazing sandwich however, each ...

Vietnamese Peanut Sauce For Wings

This wing sauce sounds so delicious to me. Recipe is from Southern Living.

Lemongrass Chicken

This is one of the recipes most requested by my family.

Savory Saigon Burger has a luscious beef-pork-shrimp burger, topped with a pork paté slice, crisp veggies and served on a sweet Hawaiian hamburger bun.

Saigon Bistro Burger Extraordinaire

This is a tribute to Bahn Mi sandwiches I enjoyed on a visit to Saigon ...

One Hour Beef Pho

Pho is one of my favorite dishes. In my opinion this recipe tastes just like ...

The most delight meatball spaghetti ever. ( my version)


My husband & i we both love this delight dish,well seasoning, flavorful and the taste ...

103 How To Make Tasty Fish Sauce

Fish sauce for any Asian dish! Delicious with cold noodles or salad.

From Instagram: Tweakedup ramen, Iris

Speedy Tweaked Ramen

My Boys love Ramen noodles, so do I.You can't beat the convience, but the seasoning ...

Banh Bao

This is a Vietnamese steamed sweet bread with a pork filling. My ex husband taught ...

Pork egg rolls and chicken and shrimp fried rice..yummy

Pork Egg Rolls

These are aunthentic Vietnamese egg rolls.Most ingredients you can find at your local store.