Thai Recipes

Low Carb Warming Carrot Ginger Soup

By Laurie Gordon
This is a super healthy, low carb soup with tons of flavor! ! It's also great...

Thai Curry with Chicken

By barbara lentz
Unique twist on a spicy curry.

Satay (Peanut Dipping Sauce)

The first time I tried this, I didn't know what Satay was. When I tasted it...

Basil-Mint Cucumber Salad

By Sherri Williams
The inspiration for this refreshing cucumber salad came from Wendy Peterson. This is a great...

Thai "Miang Kham" Style Salad

By Malee Holland
This salad is my "farong"-friendly version of a perennial favorite Thai snack called "Miang Khem," which...

Thai-style Chicken Coconut Soup with Lemon & Lime

By Heidi Hoerman
This soup, reminiscent of Tom Kha Gai, is made with easily found ingredients. Like many...

Thai Peanut Salad Dressing

By Kim Biegacki
What a great Asian peanut sauce that can be used for salads, grilled meats or even...

Thai Turkey Meatballs in Coconut Curry Sauce"

By Robin Lieneke
Juicy meatballs packed with lucious thai coconut flavor. This recipe was a bored Sunday afternoon's...

Thai Pineapple Fried with Smoked Sausage

By Carol White
This recipe is inspired by my daughter Tanisha who loves Thai food. I made this Thai...

Hot and Sour Thai Soup

By Nicole Bredeweg
I LOVE cooking, and eating, and trying new recipes, and ethnic cuisine, and. . . ...

Spicy Thai Inspired Shrimp Pretzel Bites

By Sherri Williams
These sweet & spicy bites were 1 of my 4 finalist recipes in the Pretzel Crisps...

Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup

By Leah Stacey
I love Asian Cuisine one of my favorites would be Thai food. When ever I go...

Thai Smile Burger

By Leah Stacey
I just LOVE Thai food so I wanted to create a burger that had that wonderful...

Fish In Coconut Milk

By Martha Price
I first tried this simple, elegant dish several years ago, after spotting it in an old...

Spicy Cucumber Salad

By Patrick Johnson
This quick and easy recipe will add a little jazz to your everyday cucumbers.

Easy and Tasty Thai Chicken Soup

By Martha Price
This simple recipe is probably not one you would find in a Thai restaurant, but you...

Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

By Vicki Moser
Some of my favorites are Thai foods.

Thai Tortellini Fritters

By loanne chiu
This unusual recipe is so easy to make with commonly available ingredients, yet people are very...

LC/LF Thai Basil Lime Chicken Salad-Annette's

By Annette W.
We've made a change in our household and we're eating only lean proteins along with low...

LC/LF Chicken Thai Pie-Annette's

By Annette W.
We adore Chicken Thai Pie from a restaurant called Old Chicago. It's got a chili sauce...

Portabello Thai Mexican stack

By Lynn Socko
Reduced carb deliciousness!!!

Yum Neau Nam Tok (grilled beef salad)

By Pat Fucile
My hubby ate this all the time in a Thai restaurant in North Carolina. ...

Fast and Spicy Thai Pickles

By Edith Kehoe
These are so easy to make and perfectly addictive. Make them in the morning and...
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