Japanese Recipes

Grilled Chicken Balls w Yakitori Sauce

Great alternative to the same ol meatballs

Noodles in Lobster Broth, with Duck Egg & Furikake

I love to have this for breakfast. It's easy and so flavorful. You can find ...

Glazing or Dipping Sauce - Oriental Style

I grew up on a street that was all Japanese people except for us. ...

Grilled Chicken Yakitori

Serve with your favorite Asian dipping sauce

XO Noodles with Shrimp

If you can't find XO sauce in an Asian market near you, you can purchase ...

Watermelon Poke Bowl Salad

Light and fresh salad with the taste of a poke bowl. You can add ...

Cucumber and umeboshi Salad

You can buy umeboshi paste on Amazon or at your local Asian market. This is ...

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki

We're always looking for a reason to fire up the grill during the summer. This ...

Blistered Red Shishito Peppers

I planted a whole bunch of shishito peppers for our Farmer’s market in 2020. Since ...

Japanese Golden Chicken Curry

Delicious. Pick your spice level for the curry cubes. Hearty and filling. Warms you up.

Easy Quick Miso Soup

Really tasty. Great hangover cure. Super fast and easy to make. Add some mushrooms ...

Vegetable Stir Fry

This is a very versatile recipe. Great as a vegetable or side dish ...

Dashimaki Tamago

Sweet and savory Japanese omelet .

Tempura Battered Red Snapper with Kewpie Mayo

This makes such a light batter. You can find Kewpie mayo at most Asian stores. ...

Sweet Corn Kakiage

Great Japanese recipe to use up all this delicious sweet corn

Chicken Katsu with Tonkatsu Sauce and Sunomono

My family LOVES Japanese cuisine. This is Japanese fried chicken, easy to make at ...

Shio Ramen

Shio in Japan means clear broth with a appealing sea salt flavor

Dashi Stock

This makes a delicious stock for ramen or miso soups. Has great umami flavor

Avocado Furikake

I like the salty spicy taste with the smoothness of the avocado

Japanese Sweet & Spicy Shrimp

This looks like a lot of steps but it cooks really fast so you can ...

Japanese Chicken Soba Noodles

What a nice tasty recipe! This dish is light, colorful and so quick to make. ...