Filipino Recipes

Chicken Adobo

A delicious Filipino dish that is quick and easy

Adobo Pork Tenderloin

This is an easy and delicious recipe for Pork with classic adobo flavors.


(Filipino Sweet Rice Cake "Dumplings") From various online sources. You will need sweet glutinous white ...

Bihon Pancit

For the mixed vegies, use a combination of carrots, cabbage, green beans, peas etc. ...


Lumpia wrappers are same as Vietnamese spring roll wrappers.

Inihaw Marinade (Filipino Grilling Marinade)

This is a popular marinade in the Philipines for pork belly. Can also be ...

Filipino Inihaw na Manok (Chicken Barbecue)

These could be made in the oven also. Need to marinate overnight for best ...

Mushroom Adobo

Mushroom Adobo

Stir fried mushrooms are simmered in a tangy Filipino adobo sauce.

Philippine Pork Adobo -Crockpot

I was new to Filipino Adobo and tried this easy version. The vinegar & soy ...

Baked Lumpia

Baked, not fried, so a bit healthier.

Adobo Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Marinated in garlic, vinegar and soy sauce, it can be prepared on the grill or ...

Filipino Bistek (Pork Tenderloin)

Pork must be sliced VERY thinly. Make sure you have a sharp knife!

Sinangag (Garlic Flavored Rice)

A favorite Filipino breakfast dish that is often served with meat such as beef ...

Filipino Chicken Barbecue

This recipe is from Filipino food recipes. Prep time does not include time ...

Beef and Bean Stir-fry

Recipe from and posted for the Culinary Quest 2016 - Philipines. Marinating time is ...

Tanglad ("Lemongrass) Iced Tea/Filipino Iced Tea

Filipino Turon

Defined: Sweet banana or plantain spring rolls aka 'banana lumpia'. I recently tasted turon again ...

Pandesal Bread (Filipino Bread Rolls)

Via I love pandesal and we are most fortunate to have a Filipino restaurant ...

Chicken and Coconut Milk Adobo

Coconut chicken, the Philippine way. Prep time does not include marinating time From Feast Magazine

Leche Flan

A classic Filipino dessert. From Feast Magazine.

Chocolate Rice Pudding

A great way to start the day in the Philippines. Recipe from Feast Magazine