Main Course Recipes

Add a pinch of fun to your next meal with these beloved main course recipe ideas. Meat and potatoes? You bet! But it doesn’t stop there…

5 hours ago

Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers

By Francine Lizotte
With amazing ingredients, these mouthwatering burgers will definitely satisfy your taste buds this summer.
21 hours ago

Summer Essentials: Onion Roll Tuna Sandwich

By Andy Anderson !
Made these the other day and we ate them out in the garden by the pond…...
yesterday at 8:00 AM

Just Plain Good Golden Fried Chicken Cutlets

By Elaine Bovender
Good old Southern fried chicken is a favorite of my husband and me. This is an...
Monday at 8:00 AM

Carmelized Onion and Pepper Potato Salad

By Sharron Boerum
Was trying to think of how I could make potato salad without my usual ingredients and...
Sunday at 11:16 PM

Wild Pacific Cod in Tomatillo Salsa Verde

By Gayle Rich-Boxman
This totally fresh and delightfully spicy dish is PERFECT for using up summer garden goodies! I...
Sunday at 3:45 PM

Bass Filet in Red Curry Sauce

By barbara lentz
Really delicious fish
Sunday at 3:30 PM

Scallops with Indian Balti Sauce

By barbara lentz
Delicious scallops with an Indian flair. If you can't find Balti seasoning it is available...
Sunday at 3:18 PM

Seared Scallops with Raspberry Hollandaise

By barbara lentz
Yummy scallops with a creamy slightly sweet hollandaise
Sunday at 1:48 PM

White Pepper Chicken Wings

By barbara lentz
Great tasting wings. Serve with any dipping sauce.
Sunday at 1:38 PM

Thai Bass Filet w Lime Chili Garlic Sauce

By barbara lentz
Yummy recipe for your fresh catch
Saturday at 2:49 PM

Garlic Butter Scallops

By barbara lentz
Threw this together one day for lunch. Yum
Saturday at 2:39 PM

Breakfast Pizza

By barbara lentz
Great for breakfast or anytime
Saturday at 2:15 PM

Vietnames Beef Skewers

By barbara lentz
Just a little something I came up with for lunch one day
Saturday at 1:55 PM

Thai Lobster Curry

By barbara lentz
Threw this together with some items on hand and it was delicious
Saturday at 1:37 PM

Brioche Lobster Rolls

By barbara lentz
This recipe is great with shrimp or crab also. Yummy lunch sammie
Friday at 6:24 PM

Chicken Noodle Green Bean Casserole

By Denise Miles
A Glorified Green Bean Casserole!
Friday at 1:08 PM

Chili Cheeseburger Burger

By barbara lentz
These are yummy. No need for buns. Chili dog sauce over a burger. ...
Friday at 12:52 PM

Parmesan Chili Sauce Burgers

By barbara lentz
I was experimenting with some ingredients to make a better burger. This one is really...
Friday at 8:00 AM

Picadillo Taco

By Deborah Garza
Growing up in Texas where cattle is raised, ground beef is the most affordable cut of...
Friday at 6:31 AM

Divine Chicken Breasts -N- Mushrooms

By Mary McClellan
I served this with rice and fresh green beans. It would also be good with...
Thursday, Jul 22 at 10:14 AM

Greek Ouzo Pork Kebabs

By Francine Lizotte
Tender and colorful, this is a delicious new way to enjoy kebabs!
Tuesday, Jul 20 at 5:26 PM

Microwave Cheezy Tomato Croissant Cobbler for One

By Barbara Miller
This savory cobbler for one is based on several 9x13 and 2 quart casserole versions I...
Monday, Jul 19 at 6:06 PM

Artichoke Pie

By Delia H
This pie is great anytime. Perfect for a cold winter’s night or a summer bbq!
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