Seafood Recipes

Jalapeno Tartar Sauce Recipe

Jalapeno Tartar Sauce

By Gina Davis
This sauce goes great with fresh fried fish, oysters, shrimp, calamari, mudbugs (crayfish) I am...

Swamp Girl Bbq Recipe


By Gina Davis
**WARNING** THIS RECIPE IS ADDICTIVE You will not even notice the shrimp in this dish! The Sauce OMG...

Baked Lobster Recipe

Baked Lobster

By Heather Remaly
This is exactly like the lobster my mother used to make for church socials and other...

Crab Bisque  With Sherry Recipe

Crab Bisque with Sherry

By Pat Duran
This recipe has been taste tested; and I have adopted it. It's hearty and and good -...