Sugar Recipes

A dark and delicious homemade Pomegranate Molasses Dressing perfect to enhance your salads.


Extremely easy to make, this is a delicious condiment to enhance your salads during the ...

This was 4 different layers and no bake. The recipe is not mine credit goes to

No Bake Snickers Crunch Bars

I wanted something over the top gooey for my Christmas cookie tray, and this delivers.

Peppermint Bark Fudge cut into squares.

Peppermint Bark Fudge

Tis the season! And with one of my favorite holidays just around the corner, my ...

A slice of Sweet Carrot Pecan Pie.

Sweet Carrot Pecan Pie

During the Depression, government food banks provided potatoes and carrots. Many dishes were developed, such ...

A big bucket of delicious homemade Cracker Jack.


This easy snack is perfect for parties, baseball, football game or when watching a movie.

Photo of Candy Corn and Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies.

Candy Corn & Peanut Butter Cookies

A delicious way to enjoy peanut butter cookies and cany corn, all combined in a ...

Cookies on a plate

Old Fashioned Graham Cracker Cookies

These my mom made for me and my brother when we were kids, she always ...

Small bowl of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chex Mix.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chex Mix

This stuff is so darn good! It's addictive so I don't make it too often. ...

Decorated cupcakes with sanding sugar also known as sand sugar


For a fraction of what they charge at the store, you can now make your ...

Spicy and sweet chili sauce you can make yourself!

Sweet Chili Sauce

This sauce is really easy to make yourself! I love having control of the amount ...

A slice of Pumpkin Chess Pie with whipped cream.

Pumpkin Chess Pie

Chess pie is buttery, creamy, and has a distinct caramelized flavor. It has a custard ...

Cooked Frosting piped onto cupcakes.

Cooked Frosting

This delicious cooked frosting recipe was given to me by a co-worker, Judy Larson who ...

I displayed a few of the Pie Crust Cookies, on a decorative paper plate.

Pie Crust Cookies

These cookies were actually made with refrigerated pie crust, such as, Pillsbury Pie Crust. ...

Pink Peppermint Marshmallows in hot cocoa.

Pink Peppermint Marshmallows

These marshmallows are so easy, and making them is so rewarding. You’ll really impress your ...

Surprise Monkey Bread ready to be served.

Surprise Monkey Bread

This is very yummy and gooey! Great for breakfast or snack.

Chocolate Pie With No Weep Meringue ready to be sliced.

Chocolate Pie With No Weep Meringue

This recipe was given to me by my daughter. It's an old-fashioned pie that's rich ...

green macarons with yellow filling on blue & white plate

Matcha Macarons with Honey Buttercream

How can you have "tea" cookies with your coffee? Just add matcha! The use of ...

A platter of Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Bars.

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Bars

These are so easy it's ridiculous. They are so good. I came up with this ...

Pineapple Angel Food Cake (Two-Ingredients)

This light and delicious cake is easy and calorie friendly! On the WW program, ...

A platter of Baileys Irish Cream Fudge.

Baileys Irish Cream Fudge

This is the creamiest fudge ever and is sure to put a smile in those ...

The Absolute Best Buttercream Frosting... Ever.

The Absolute Best Buttercream Frosting... Ever!

For years I have searched and searched and searched... and even did some more searching ...

Lemon blondies

Accidental Lemon Blondie

Accidental. . . We've got a favorite dessert recipe that serves a lot of ...


This recipe is so rich and delicious you can only eat one. Be sure to ...