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Other Breakfast Recipes

breakfast brownies on sheet pan

Breakfast Brownies

Kitchen Crew avatar
By Kitchen Crew
These Breakfast Brownies are the perfect nourishing treat to start your day! These bars are ...
(1 rating)
A tray of Sweet Rolls.

Sweet Rolls From Camarillo, Ca

Al Smith avatar
By Al Smith
Camarillo is a beautiful little California town about an hour north of LA on US ...
(2 ratings)
Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast on a plate.

Peanut Butter And Jelly French Toast

Cindy Sandberg avatar
By Cindy Sandberg
Two kid favorites combined into one delicious treat. I put this together on a whim ...
(3 ratings)
A plate of Bacon Biscuit Bites.

Bacon Biscuit Bites

David Reeves avatar
By David Reeves
For those mornings when you wake up smelling bacon frying in your mind. These biscuits ...
(4 ratings)
Homemade Breakfast Crunch Wrap on a plate with salsa.

Homemade Breakfast Crunch Wraps

I saw something like this on a commercial for Taco Bell and thought the idea ...
(3 ratings)
Slices of Loaded Breakfast Roll on plates.

Loaded Breakfast Roll

Tea Groves avatar
By Tea Groves
My family loves this breakfast loaf. It's a favorite of ours on holidays. It's great ...
(3 ratings)
Golden brown Blueberry Scone on a plate.

Blueberry Scones

Julia Ferguson avatar
By Julia Ferguson
I made these last night and have to say they are indescribably delicious. They were ...
(22 ratings)
Corned Beef Gravy over biscuits.

Corned Beef Gravy

Amanda Michelle avatar
By Amanda Michelle
My husband's mother makes this for us every once in a while. It's easy to ...
(2 ratings)
A platter of Blueberry Cream Muffins.

Blueberry Cream Muffins

Teresa Jacobson avatar
By Teresa Jacobson
This recipe is an amalgamation of three different recipes. I took the things that I ...
(2 ratings)
A platter of Donut Muffins.

Donut Muffins

Roz Wenrich avatar
By Roz Wenrich
These are light and fluffy and can be served for breakfast or anytime during the ...
(2 ratings)
Almond Laced Banana Cake on a serving platter.

Almond Laced Banana Cake

Mary Shivers avatar
By Mary Shivers
My family loves this recipe. It is a take-off of my mom's famous Old-Fashioned Banana ...
(27 ratings)
Giant Danish dusted with powdered sugar.

Giant Danish

Teresa Jacobson avatar
By Teresa Jacobson
I found this recipe in a magazine about 20 years ago and tweaked it over ...
(20 ratings)
Plates of Cheddar Bacon Buttermilk Scones.

Cheddar Bacon Buttermilk Scone

Sarah Byrne avatar
By Sarah Byrne
I love using buttermilk in my recipes, and I altered one that called for cream ...
(12 ratings)
Sliced Earl Grey Tea Cake.

Earl Grey Tea Cake

Doreen Fish avatar
By Doreen Fish
I love Earl Grey tea, and this is just delicious. It's a little bit different, ...
(10 ratings)
Bowls of Healthiest Overnight Maple Oatmeal.

Healthiest Overnight Maple Oatmeal

Cathy Jacobsen avatar
By Cathy Jacobsen
Mornings are hectic in my house. So, to combat the temptation to grab a cookie ...
(2 ratings)
A platter of Baked Oatmeal Cups.

Baked Oatmeal Cups

Kathryn Brown avatar
By Kathryn Brown
A yummy make-ahead breakfast. I warm them up for a few seconds in the microwave ...
(2 ratings)
A few Saffron Buns ready to be enjoyed for breakfast!

Saffron Buns

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
Moist, tender and delicious, these buns are a great addition to your Holiday baking list!
Southern Country Biscuits With Sawmill Gravy on a plate.

Southern Country Biscuits With Sawmill Gravy

June Butts avatar
By June Butts
This is how my husband and I have started our day for 54 years. Breakfast ...
(2 ratings)
A delicious Butternut Squash Ham & Leek Quiche ready to be enjoyed!

Butternut Squash Ham & Leek Quiche

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
Colorful, tasty and healthy, this is the perfect dish to serve when you have company ...
Photo of Banana Cranberry Pecan Muffins

Banana Cranberry Pecan Muffins

Cindi M. Bauer avatar
By Cindi M. Bauer
I prepared these muffins with a bran flakes box cereal. I also place them ...
Cassie's Italian Home Fries on a plate.

Cassie's Italian Home Fries

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
My family loves these for breakfast. So tasty, yet simple. I make these for dinner ...
(9 ratings)
Oatmeal cup with Raspberry Pie Filling and a cup of tea.

Baked Oatmeal Cups

Kathryn Brown avatar
By Kathryn Brown
Good for breakfast or snack.
homemade baked beans

Baby Kato's Yellow Eyed Beans

Baby Kato avatar
By Baby Kato
You can substitute with your favourite bean if you prefer, but please use real maple ...
Slices of Cinnamon Raisin Bread.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Desiree Macy avatar
By Desiree Macy
This is an easy bread to make, and what a workout you get kneading it. ...
(3 ratings)