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Breakfast Recipes

These breakfast favorites from hometown cooks are sure to get your day off on the right foot. A few bites and you may just become a morning person!

Upside-Down Apple French Toast on a serving platter.

Upside-down Apple French Toast

Shannon Smith avatar
By Shannon Smith
This is so delicious and has been a hit every time I've made it. It ...
(13 ratings)
Grits Breakfast Bake sliced and on a plate.

Grits Breakfast Bake

Julia Carpenter avatar
By Julia Carpenter
I try to cook breakfast for my husband's bank every week or two. This is ...
(5 ratings)
Spiced Pumpkin Rum Coffee Creamer in coffee.

Spiced Pumpkin Rum Coffee Creamer

Tiffany Bannworth avatar
By Tiffany Bannworth
We like to make our creamers so we aren't victim to whatever they sell at ...
(4 ratings)
Sliced Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Cherie Hammond avatar
By Cherie Hammond
This is one of those "generational" recipes! It is my delight to share it with ...
(16 ratings)
A slice of Coffee Cake.

Coffee Cake

Tammi Preston avatar
By Tammi Preston
I've been making this coffee cake for 30 years! It's always been a family and ...
(11 ratings)
Candied Pears over vanilla ice cream.

Candied Pears

Cynthia Rivers Martinez avatar
By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
These are so wonderful. They are similar to what you can purchase at Cracker Barrel. ...
(6 ratings)
breakfast brownies on sheet pan

Breakfast Brownies

Kitchen Crew avatar
By Kitchen Crew
These Breakfast Brownies are the perfect nourishing treat to start your day! These bars are ...
(1 rating)
A tray of Sweet Rolls.

Sweet Rolls From Camarillo, Ca

Al Smith avatar
By Al Smith
Camarillo is a beautiful little California town about an hour north of LA on US ...
(2 ratings)
Orange Breakfast Bake with bacon sprinkled on top.

Orange Breakfast Bake

Suzanne Marzano avatar
By Suzanne Marzano
I made up this recipe because I had leftover orange Danish rolls from a tube ...
(1 rating)
Marie's Breakfast Burrito on a plate.

Marie's Breakfast Burrito

Marie Gunkel avatar
By Marie Gunkel
I started making this burrito years ago. Not many people I know enjoy spinach. But, ...
(2 ratings)
Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast on a plate.

Peanut Butter And Jelly French Toast

Cindy Sandberg avatar
By Cindy Sandberg
Two kid favorites combined into one delicious treat. I put this together on a whim ...
(3 ratings)
A plate of Bacon Biscuit Bites.

Bacon Biscuit Bites

David Reeves avatar
By David Reeves
For those mornings when you wake up smelling bacon frying in your mind. These biscuits ...
(4 ratings)
Homemade Breakfast Crunch Wrap on a plate with salsa.

Homemade Breakfast Crunchwraps

I saw something like this on a commercial for Taco Bell and thought the idea ...
(3 ratings)
Ham, Cheese, and Egg Slider on a plate.

Ham, Cheese, And Egg Sliders

Jacquie Cooper avatar
By Jacquie Cooper
I love these. They are fun and easy for breakfast, but most of all, they ...
(2 ratings)
A stack of Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes.

Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes (gluten-free)

Wanda Leech avatar
By Wanda Leech
These are wonderful for breakfast.
(1 rating)
A slice of easy and flexible Breakfast Casserole on a plate.

Breakfast Casserole - Easy & Flexible

Marianne Gleason avatar
By Marianne Gleason
This breakfast casserole recipe has so few ingredients and is easy to make. Crescent rolls ...
(5 ratings)
Baked Springtime Frittata.

Springtime Frittata

Sherry Monfils avatar
By Sherry Monfils
With the fresh asparagus, this makes for a wonderful springtime meal.
(2 ratings)
A slice of Cobbler Coffee Cake.

Cobbler Coffee Cake

Carmen Pearlswig avatar
By Carmen Pearlswig
It's worth the wait in the mornings!
(1 rating)
Slices of Loaded Breakfast Roll on plates.

Loaded Breakfast Roll

Tea Groves avatar
By Tea Groves
My family loves this breakfast loaf. It's a favorite of ours on holidays. It's great ...
(3 ratings)
Totally Customizable Tater Tot Casserole ready to serve.

Totally Customizable Tater Tot Casserole

Lori Zimmer avatar
By Lori Zimmer
This is a great recipe for families. Kids love tater tots! It’s also a dish ...
(1 rating)
Golden brown Blueberry Scone on a plate.

Blueberry Scones

Julia Ferguson avatar
By Julia Ferguson
I made these last night and have to say they are indescribably delicious. They were ...
(22 ratings)
Corned Beef Gravy over biscuits.

Corned Beef Gravy

Amanda Michelle avatar
By Amanda Michelle
My husband's mother makes this for us every once in a while. It's easy to ...
(2 ratings)
Delicious Buttermilk Waffles with syrup, butter, and berries.

Delicious Buttermilk Waffles

Karen Turnbough avatar
By Karen Turnbough
My favorite buttermilk waffles. The batter would make great pancakes too.
(6 ratings)
A platter of Blueberry Cream Muffins.

Blueberry Cream Muffins

Teresa Jacobson avatar
By Teresa Jacobson
This recipe is an amalgamation of three different recipes. I took the things that I ...
(2 ratings)