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Breakfast Casserole Recipes

Orange Breakfast Bake with bacon sprinkled on top.

Orange Breakfast Bake

Suzanne Marzano avatar
By Suzanne Marzano
I made up this recipe because I had leftover orange Danish rolls from a tube ...
(1 rating)
A slice of easy and flexible Breakfast Casserole on a plate.

Breakfast Casserole - Easy & Flexible

Marianne Gleason avatar
By Marianne Gleason
This breakfast casserole recipe has so few ingredients and is easy to make. Crescent rolls ...
(5 ratings)
Totally Customizable Tater Tot Casserole ready to serve.

Totally Customizable Tater Tot Casserole

Lori Zimmer avatar
By Lori Zimmer
This is a great recipe for families. Kids love tater tots! It’s also a dish ...
(1 rating)
Golden brown Blueberry Scone on a plate.

Blueberry Scones

Julia Ferguson avatar
By Julia Ferguson
I made these last night and have to say they are indescribably delicious. They were ...
(22 ratings)
Ham and Cheese Sandwich Frittata ready to serve.

Ham And Cheese Sandwich Frittata

Lindsay Dougherty avatar
By Lindsay Dougherty
I love grilled ham and cheese, so I wanted to use those flavors in a ...
(5 ratings)
A slice of Egg Cheese Casserole on a plate.

Egg Cheese Casserole

Kathy Joppie avatar
By Kathy Joppie
This is a great brunch dish. I have had many requests for this recipe.
(3 ratings)
Baked Scrambled Egg Casserole slice on a plate.

Baked Scrambled Egg Casserole

Jai Stephens avatar
By Jai Stephens
My husband prefers sausage to ham when I make this casserole.
(8 ratings)
Momma Mia's Saturday Breakfast Casserole ready to serve.

Momma Mia's Saturday Breakfast Casserole

Tari Harlan avatar
By Tari Harlan
I used to make this on special occasions. You know, like weekends. My girls loved ...
(4 ratings)
Brunch Eggs ready to serve.

Brunch Eggs

Debra Schweikert avatar
By Debra Schweikert
The cayenne and dry mustard add some spice to this dish. Adjust to suit your ...
(2 ratings)
Bacon Breakfast Bake ready to be served.

Bacon Breakfast Bake

Pauline Greenwood avatar
By Pauline Greenwood
This is perfect for when you're in the mood for a heavier, stick-to-the-ribs breakfast.
(15 ratings)

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Casserole, Momma's Bd 2023

Megan Stewart avatar
By Megan Stewart
Momma decided she wanted this for her birthday, 11-28-23. I would consider adding nuts to this ...
Slices of Crustless Ricotta Quiche on plates.

Crustless Ricotta Quiche

Desiree Macy avatar
By Desiree Macy
This is such a light and fluffy quiche. I serve it as a main dish ...
(4 ratings)
Overnight Cinnamon Raisin French Toast ready to serve.

Overnight Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

Natalie Loop avatar
By Natalie Loop
Imagine waking up to the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, and baked bread. This is a ...
(2 ratings)
This is one of my family's favorites, and it is so good!  The recipe makes 2 quiches, but you can half it for only one!  We love it with hot sausage for a little bite!

Sausage Quiche

Darlene Sweet avatar
By Darlene Sweet
This is a staple at the Sweet home! We love using hot sausage for ...
Sausage Rotel Egg Bake

Sausage Rotel Egg Bake

Annette W. avatar
By Annette W.
This is a great Keto/Low Carb egg bake that stands out from the typical ones ...
A slice of Lone Star Breakfast Casserole on a plate.

Lone Star Breakfast Casserole

Beverley Williams avatar
By Beverley Williams
This is a favorite to serve on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter mornings.
(1 rating)

Sausage Custard

Kathryn Brown avatar
By Kathryn Brown
The perfect make ahead, but not bake ahead breakfast.
A slice of Croissant Breakfast Casserole on a plate.

Croissant Breakfast Casserole

Kitchen Crew avatar
By Kitchen Crew
There are countless versions of breakfast casserole recipes out there. Our version is dressed up ...
(1 rating)

Denver "omelette" Quiche

Lori L (JostLori) avatar
By Lori L (JostLori)
If you're cooking for a crowd, this recipe fits the bill! Great for a holiday ...
(2 ratings)
A slice of Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Casserole on a plate.

Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast Casserole

Phyllis Gesch avatar
By Phyllis Gesch
Hearty and perfect for a cold morning. No one will be left hungry with this ...
(40 ratings)
This loaded Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole Recipe is made with frozen hash brown potatoes, pork sausage, sweet onion, red bell pepper, eggs, and plenty of cheddar cheese.

Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
This loaded Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole Recipe is made with frozen hash brown potatoes, pork sausage, ...
Zucchini Tomato Pie ready to be sliced.

Zucchini Tomato Pie

Jenay Tate avatar
By Jenay Tate
The pairing of tomatoes and zucchini is delicious in so many dishes, and this pie ...
(8 ratings)
A slice of Crescent Sausage Casserole with eggs.

Crescent Sausage Casserole

Jenny Morrell avatar
By Jenny Morrell
This is a scrumptious breakfast or brunch casserole. It has all the elements of breakfast ...
(25 ratings)

Make Ahead Breakfast Enchiladas, My Way

Megan Stewart avatar
By Megan Stewart
Momma (Barb) sent me this recipe just before Mother's Day 2022, knowing I make breakfast ...