Apple Pie Recipes

A+ Apple Pie

There really is nothing more deliciously all-American than homemade apple pie! Whether you are looking for the perfect party dessert or a comforting treat for a night in, this collection of tasty recipes will keep you in smiles for meals to come!


French Crumb Apple Pie Recipe

French Crumb Apple Pie

By Beth Streeter
This pie got me married! I made this pie for my husband when we were first...
Sour Cream Apple Pie Recipe

Sour Cream Apple Pie

By Wendy Rusch
I've never really been a fan of apple pie and I really wanted to like one,...
Her-best  Apple Pie Recipe

Her-Best Apple Pie

By Gail Herbest
This is my version of apple pie. It has a buttery apple cider sauce that is...
Mom's Flat Apple Pie Recipe

Mom's Flat Apple Pie

By Jen Frame
This is a great pie for a picinic or potluck. You can pick it up and...
Lawdy That's Naughty Apple Pie Recipe

Lawdy That's Naughty Apple Pie

By Megan Hampton
This is a rule breaking, mouth watering apple pie that will leave you wanting more! ...
Brown Paper Bag Apple Pie Recipe

Brown Paper Bag Apple Pie

By Dorene Nagy
This sounds crazy, doesn't it? It will be the best apple pie you have ever...
Apple Pie Dessert Recipe

Apple Pie Dessert

By Lynn Socko
This is one of those recipes that started out as one thing and ended up in...
New Hampshire Maple Apple Pecan Pie Recipe

New Hampshire Maple Apple Pecan Pie

By Denise LaRoche
This non-traditional apple pie is so so yummy. Impress your guests, they will be truly...
Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

Dutch Apple Pie

By Ilean Maite Benvenuti
I love doing apple pie from scratch but this is a good recipe when you are...
Ghee's Old Fashioned Apple Pie Recipe

Ghee's Old Fashioned Apple Pie

By Patti Smith
My mother (my kids called her Ghee) was a "from scratch baker". To save time, I...
Citrus Apple Pie Recipe

Citrus Apple Pie

By Barbara Oseland
Taking a few of my favorite flavors and making a very simple crust that involved no...
Apple Pear Ginger Pie Recipe

Apple Pear Ginger Pie

By Doreen Fish
Came up with this over the weekend and it was a hit!! We devoured this pie...
Topsy Turvy Apple Pie Recipe

topsy turvy apple pie

By Denise Paul
this is a great recipe and very different from the typical apple pie. I have served...