Meat Appetizer Recipes

Cindy's Sweet & Smokey Cocktail Dogs Recipe

Cindy's Sweet & Smokey Cocktail Dogs

Paula Solline
By Paula Solline

Last Christmas at a friend's house, she served these salty, sweet, savory dogs. I was amazed...

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Bennie Shaw
By Bennie Shaw

We ate this at a small restaurant in Abilene, TX. Their specialty is fried fish and...

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Sausage Rolls Recipe

Sausage Rolls

Veronica Rainey
By Veronica Rainey

This is an English recipe that was passed down from my grandmother to my father who...

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Crescent Bacon Cheese Tartlets Recipe

Crescent Bacon Cheese Tartlets

Stefanie Wilson
By Stefanie Wilson

For my little sister's Sweet 16 birthday party, we decided to do a bunch of appetizer...

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Ham Delights Recipe

Ham Delights

Stefanie Wilson
By Stefanie Wilson

These are always a huge hit!! You could add some chopped onion if you wanted....

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Squirrel Nuts Recipe

Squirrel Nuts

Sharon Willhite
By Sharon Willhite

Everyone who has ever tried the squirrel nuts love them. They are asked for whenever...

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hot beef burritos Recipe

hot beef burritos

Tammy Hahn
By Tammy Hahn

I love these. you can use less peppers if you arent fond of real spicy. It...

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Hoagie Bake Recipe

Hoagie Bake

Kathy Cromer
By Kathy Cromer

I serve this with our favorite pizza sauce for dipping! This recipe was adapted from salsarose...

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Muffeletta Calzone Recipe

Muffeletta Calzone

Leslie Bernardi
By Leslie Bernardi

This is my husbands favorite treat! The sharp, briny olive relish balances out the richness of...

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Dragon Turds Recipe

Dragon Turds

Jennifer Smith
By Jennifer Smith

These are addicting and never last long. You can adjust the heat by using different kinds...

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