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Steak anyone? This handpainted fondant steak cake was enjoyed at Cindy and Em's wedding last Saturday. Inside was vanilla icing,deep chocolate cake and raspberry filling, fondant beans and real mashed potatoes completed the look.

Steak Cake

Dana Hayden, M.Ed. avatar
By Dana Hayden, M.Ed.
Our first steak cake
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Finished product

Bbq'd Flank Steak

Sherry Monfils avatar
By Sherry Monfils
One of my Dad's recipes. Delicious!!
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Rolled Flank Steak

Flank Steak,rolled & Stuffed..a Stove Top Recipe

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
This is my first attempt to make & cook a rolled flank steak. Having purchased ...
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Garlic Butter Rib Eye Steaks By Freda

After Reading Another Steak Recipe I was Inspired to Add My Take on our BBQ ...
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Grilled Mexican-style Steak Recipe

Tamara VASTINE avatar
Grill the steak the way you prefer it cooked and this will melt away in ...
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Beef And Broccoli Stir-fry (your Kids Can Help)

Brandy Bender avatar
By Brandy Bender
This simple, saucy stir-fry makes a great complementary dish to Egg-fried Rice. There's a bonus ...
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Who say's soup and sandwiches for dinner have to be boring???

Mediterranean Steak Sandwiches

Didi Dalaba avatar
By Didi Dalaba
Who say's soup and sandwiches for dinner have to be boring?? Ever feel like a nice ...
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Beer Steak Grilled & Seasoned By Freda

Start with Good grade of Steak, and your 1/2 way there. The rest of this ...
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Perfectly Grilled Porterhouse Steak

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By Sherri Williams
Bring on the beef! Cooking with Passion, sw :)
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leftovers for lunch

Swiss Steak With Tomato Gravy

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By Dawn Whitted
My grandmother made the best Swiss Steak when I was a kid. My favorite ...
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2die4 Pesto Filet Mignon Potato Skins

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
You can have your steak and potatoes in one savory delicious bite! Cooking with ...
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Chilli with a bold spicy and sweet flavor.

Sweet & Spicy Chilli

Barbie Hafner avatar
By Barbie Hafner
Not your regular Chilli Recipe.. It's a chilli with a kick! I wasn't sure what to expect ...
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Savory and hearty

Smothered Steak - Easy

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By Shelly Sullivan
This is what I call comfort food. Easy to make and very filling
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Blue Brussel Sprout Slaw & Grilled Sirloin Bun

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
I won $150 worth of Kerrygold Cheese and Butter last week. With nearly 4 ...
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Pepper Steak

Peggi Anne Tebben avatar
By Peggi Anne Tebben
Like most of my other recipes, I have made this for several years. My family ...
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Steak And Veggie Stuffed Tomatoes

Lynn Socko avatar
By Lynn Socko
#3 on my "Stuffed Tomato" quest. You can make as many or as few ...
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Amanda's Oven Baked Swiss Steak

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By Amanda Holman
My Mom made this a lot, it has such a good smell it leaves in ...
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Foiled Steak Supper

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By Connie Ottman
This recipe has been in the family for ages. It's easy, healthy and delicious.
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Steakhouse Black Bean Chili

Lanie Smith avatar
By Lanie Smith
When we grill steaks, I always grab an extra inexpensive cut and grill to medium, ...
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Steak um and Cheese Roll

Easy Cheesey Steak Um Roll

Marie Gunkel avatar
By Marie Gunkel
I tried the Steak um and the white Velveeta cheese. Then decided it may taste ...
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Authentic Grilled Steak Fajitas

Kelly Williams avatar
By Kelly Williams
Many, many, many years ago I worked in a Mexican restaurant, and the chef taught ...
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Chicken Fried

Chicken Fried "steak" Or Sandwich

Gail Welch avatar
By Gail Welch
I got this idea from my old fashioned "steak" finger recipe. This is a quick ...
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Fork Tender Steak Casserole

Michelle Koletar/Mertz avatar
By Michelle Koletar/Mertz
This recipe is so ridiculously easy that I almost feel silly sharing it! But, I ...
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Portuguese Steak

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By Tara Pacheco
A lot of my cooking is inspired from my Portuguese heritage. My hometown of Fall ...
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