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Hot bowl of Zuppa!!

Zuppa Idalia

Christine Schnepp avatar
By Christine Schnepp
Made this quick and easy soup while hunkered down for a storm. You can substitute ...
A plate of New York Style Corn Fritters.

New York Style Corn Fritters

Anthony Nicometi Jr avatar
By Anthony Nicometi Jr
Ever since I had the corn fritters at the restaurant I interned at, I've been ...
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Party Potatoes

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
This is a simple, low fat appetizer that is fun to serve, and to eat!

Hot Air Fryer Bbq Chicken Drum Sticks!

Jo Zimny avatar
By Jo Zimny
Hot Air Frying has become one of my all time favourite ways to cook food. ...

Vegas Chicken And Sausage Gumbo

Levy Vegas avatar
By Levy Vegas
Born in Louisiana so it is mandatory you know how to make a good gumbo.
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Peppermint Sugar Cookies

Elizabeth Lancaster avatar
By Elizabeth Lancaster
This is my Great,Great Grandmother's Recipe. These melt in your mouth butter and peppermint ...
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White Chocolate Pecan Caramel Bread Pudding

Kelly Hover Martin avatar
By Kelly Hover Martin
"My adaption of The Original French Market Cafe's signature dessert."
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Finally fixed the camera... Got em on here now... :)

Fireman Bob's " Knock 'em Out Crackers "

Bob Cooney avatar
By Bob Cooney
The first of 4 newly created recipes to fulfill my " Challenge "...
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French Fry Po-boy

Stacey Lawson avatar
By Stacey Lawson
Yes, I said french fry po-boy. You ever have that left over gravy with those ...
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Philly Cheese Steak W/spaghetti

Carol Parkhurst avatar
By Carol Parkhurst
I like to try different things with cheese sauce,[My favorite mac & cheese sauce]. Also ...
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new potatoes

Granddaughter's New Potato Salad

Zelda Hopkins avatar
By Zelda Hopkins
This is my granddaughter's new potato salad. She invented this for us and it was ...
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Corned Beef And Cabbage

Lou Kostura avatar
By Lou Kostura
Instead of going to the market and buying a corned beef I started to brine ...
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Vegetables steamed in a Rice Cooker/steamer

Steamed Vegetables

Kathy Sterling avatar
By Kathy Sterling
I love vegetables but am not good at making them in a healthy way. ...
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Homemade Mulled Apple Cider (with vanilla and nutmeg) Recipe

Homemade Mulled Cider (with Vanilla And Nutmeg)

Lily Moritz avatar
By Lily Moritz
This is quite possibly the best homemade, hot, spiced apple cider you will ever make! This ...
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Mini Muffuletta Pizza Sammies

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
This is my mini version of one of my favorite sandwiches...perfect for lunch or as ...
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St.basil's New Years Cake

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
"VSILOPITA"-A GREEK St.BASIL'S NEW YEAR EVE CAKE. I have a wonderful friend with a Greek heritage ...
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Black Eye Pea "hoppin John" Soup For New Years

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
An ole southern tradition is to serve a "HOPPIN JOHN" dish of black eye peas ...
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Diy Sour Mix

Barbara Kavorkian avatar
By Barbara Kavorkian
If you know you will have people, you can make the sour mix ahead of ...
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New Orleans Pralines

Linda Hoover avatar
By Linda Hoover
This is taken off the back of a bottle of The New Orleans School of ...
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Caramelized-onion Dip With Cilantro-garlic Pita Crisps

Melanie Ross avatar
By Melanie Ross
Summer Entertaining for me is a blast!!!
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Bonnie's Herbed New Potatoes

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
We love these little red potatoes because they are easy and fast to prepare. They ...
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New Potato And Green Bean Salad

Toni Farris avatar
By Toni Farris
When invited to summer picnics or BBQs, this is the dish I'm always asked to ...
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Dairy Free New York Egg Cream

Jo Zimny avatar
By Jo Zimny
This is another recipe my hubby likes. He's from Brooklyn so this is something ...
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Shrimp Creole

Leah Stacey avatar
By Leah Stacey
I love southern food and one of the best southern food is Cajun food. This ...
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