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Texas Hot Dogs With Chili Sauce.

Texas Hot Dogs With My Chili Sauce

SK H avatar
Texas Hot Dogs are famous where we live. The sauce is a big secret... ...
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Crock Pot Hot Dog on a plate with tooth picks.

Crock Pot Hot Dogs

Sheree Beaty avatar
By Sheree Beaty
So easy and delicious. You can use hot dogs you cut up yourself or use ...
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Hot Dog On The Round

Wanda Lemons avatar
By Wanda Lemons
My sister and I made this up when we were teens working at a local ...
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Chili Cheese Dog Nachos

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By Brandy Bender
I had this the other night. I wanted to make chili cheese dogs but did ...
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Cheesy Corn-dog Johnnycakes

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By Valkyrie Raehl
Kids love corn dogs. This is a fun way to have that corn dog flavor ...
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This is my shih tzu Molly when she was 6 months old.

Mom's Apple & Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

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By Mathilde Teitgen
I have made this recipe using 1 egg & using the above amounts of ingredients. ...
Cutting the cookies out.

Harvest Puppy Treats

Nicole Fleming avatar
By Nicole Fleming
There is nothing more that my little pup likes more than treats. However, I am ...

Pasta Dinner

Carol Junkins avatar
By Carol Junkins
Ok, so one day my daughter was making her dinner and my husband and I ...
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Corn Dog "puppies" (appetizer)

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By Family Favorites
Growing up, I absolutely loved corn dogs. So what could be better than an appetizer-size ...
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Doggie Pill Pockets

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By Tammy T
Homemade pill pocket recipe. Saw this on the internet and thought it was worth sharing. ...
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Doggie Veggie and Salmon Patties.
Healthy. Fresh. Pawsomeness.

Pawesome Doggie Veggie Salmon Patties!

TJ Fields avatar
By TJ Fields
I created this for our 16 month chow chow, Maddie, who refuses to eat dry ...
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Pocket Dogs, Jersey Style

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By Elaine Laskowski
I love these "Dogs". Everything you like in one pita.
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Pic prior to my

Chili Corn Dog Muffins

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By Nina Hines
These are so easy and the kids LOVED them!!!
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Dehydrated Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato Treats.  Better for your dogs than the store bought ones.  You KNOW what's in them....

Healthy Homemade Dehyrated Dog Treats/snacks

Vicki H avatar
By Vicki H
I first started cooking my two Chihuahuas food when one had allergies with canned foods, ...
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Our two rescued Chihuahuas.  
Cleo - black
Angie - white

Flea Preventative - Pets

Vicki H avatar
By Vicki H
I found a way to prevent my little darlings from getting fleas - after an ...
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I usually spiral the bacon to keep cheese in but in this case I wrapped it around each end to keep the onion in place.

Hot Dog Night

Dana Hayden, M.Ed. avatar
By Dana Hayden, M.Ed.
Hot dog night was date night for my parents. When I saw the package of ...
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Scrambled Eggd And Hotdogs

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By Sherry Levesque-weimer
This is a favoret for those busy days and if your low on cash.
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make and store dehydrated sweet potato chips –dogs

Make & Store Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chips- Dogs

Susan Cutler avatar
By Susan Cutler
We can't forget our buddies! I use Mylar Bags, and cut down to a small ...
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Chili For Weenies

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
A good little recipe I got from my me some chili dogs..I always make ...
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Healthy Dry Dod Food

Stormy Stewart avatar
By Stormy Stewart
I find the dogs just love them, they contain all the goodies they need and ...
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Doggie Cheese Nuggets

Stormy Stewart avatar
By Stormy Stewart
this recipe will leave him begging for more. Makes approximately 1 1/8 pounds.
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The smoothest, creamiest, best tasting cheese spread to go on anything from crackers to broccoli and everything in between!

Outrageous Cheese Spread

Barbara Miller avatar
By Barbara Miller
This is it! The cheese spread that everyo9ne is going nuts for at parties! I ...
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Zuchinni Relish

Janice Ross avatar
By Janice Ross
My sister and I had so much fun making zuchinni relish! We used my aunt's ...
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The 'Healthy Doggie Bisuit

Peanut Butter And Banana Dog Biscuits

Patrice Manning avatar
By Patrice Manning
This recipe is from My dogs just loved them and what fun it was ...
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