Healthy Homemade Dehyrated Dog Treats/Snacks

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I first started cooking my two Chihuahuas food when one had allergies with canned foods, no matter what brand. Amazingly, her skin cleared up almost within a week of getting her off store-bought food. I still give them kibble though.

After reading about the chicken.turkey and beef jerky treats that come from China for your dogs - not being so good for them, over time, I decided to dehydrate my own.

Here's a chicken and beef treat - believe me you will save money and you will know what your doggies are eating!

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30 Min
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chicken or turkey strips (breast meat) sliced very thin and long.
sweet potato - julianne cut
optional: garlic powder


1Purchase chicken or turkey breast strips that are on sale. Only use white meat, because the dark meats are too full of fat to dehydrate properly (too greasy).

1/2 lb. might be enough for one Potato.

Freeze about 30 minutes - they will be easier to slice.

Slice them length-wise into thin strips - so you can wrap them around the potato strips
2Peel raw Sweet Potato
Cut lengh-wise into thin strips (julianne cut, like for thin fries)

(Depending on how many you want to make - use two or three potatoes and more meat strips.)
3Wrap a strip of chicken or turkey around each potato strip

OPTIONAL: sprinkle with garlic powder for flea preventative, if your dog likes garlic.

Fill up your dehydrater - OR - place on cookie sheet in your oven at about 150-190 deg.
4Dehydration time: approximately 6 - 7 hours. Not sure in the oven. check them after 3 hours. bend one, and see if any moisture is present. If so, keep them in the oven.

test after 6 hours to be sure they have no moisture in them.

I usually keep mine frozen, and take a few out for the dogs for the week. I give them one in the afternoon as a snack before their night feeding.

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