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flea preventative - pets

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Vicki H
elkton, MD

I found a way to prevent my little darlings from getting fleas - after an adverse affect that my one Chihuahuas had with those liquid chemical ones that gets squirted between the shoulder blades. I've been doing this for four years and neither dog had fleas!

(1 rating)
yield serving(s)
prep time 5 Min
cook time 25 Min

Ingredients For flea preventative - pets

  • fresh rosemary sprigs if possible, or dried rosemary
  • fresh lavender sprigs from your garden
  • garlic - either oil, powder, finely minced - and/or dried rosemary leaves, in very small amounts daily.
  • fresh garlic cloves: 1 per 30lb dog or less. 2 cloves 30lb+ per day

How To Make flea preventative - pets

  • 1
    After you give your dog a bath, rinse him/her with the Rosemary or Lavender Tea. Leave it on to dry. Double and Triple this recipe for a supply.
  • 2
    On your stove - in a 2 quart saucepan - fill with water. Place a handful of fresh Rosemary sprigs or Lavender sprigs into the water. If you use dried rosemary - approximately 3 Tbsp. would be sufficient for the 2 qrt pot. Cover your pot. Bring to a simmer, for about 20 minutes. What you will be doing is brewing a Tea. After 20 minutes, keep covered - remove from heat and let cool. Strain into a container.
  • 3
    After you give your pets a bath, rinse with the Tea. You can also rinse them with this Tea without giving them a bath - if you suspect fleas on them. TIP: Warm the tea before rinsing your pet...they will thank you for that! If your dog is a light to white color - the rosemary tea may stain her fur a little. My white dog is tinted brown a little afterward, but it disappears after a while.
  • 4
    GARLIC: Small amounts of garlic - A sprinkle of powder, grated clove, or garlic oil in their food each day. Works great for my dogs.
  • 5
    LAVENDER TEA or FRESH SPRIGS are also good for relaxation for your pet...and it smells good. Spray their beds and blankets with the Lavender tea to promote relaxation. My dogs like it. Also lavender blooms can be dried, placed in sachets and positioned around your home to work as a flea deterrent. You can also use lavender essential oils directly on your dog.
  • 6
    CATNIP is also effective at repelling fleas. One option is to grow the plant and dry the leaves. The dry leaves can be crushed and sprinkled directly on your dog. You can also purchase catnip extracts at pet stores. Add the extracts to your dog's shampoo when you give it a bath or rub the extract into your dog's fur.
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    PENNYROYAL (a mint) is an effective repellent of insects, such as fleas. It is a small herb with a strong aroma. Growing pennyroyal will naturally repel fleas, and you can also use the leaves to make a cleaning solution for your floor. If you want to apply a treatment directly to your dog, you can rub the leaves into its fur. If you prefer not to grow pennyroyal, you can purchase a pennyroyal essential oil and apply a few drops directly on your dog. CATS: pennyroyal is not safe for use around cats, so if you have one in your home, do not employ this method for your dog.
  • 8
    BREWERS YEAST: can be added to your dogs food daily. very little, and it may take up to a month to have results for flea repellent. 1 TBS /day for large dogs. Sprinkling Brewers Yeast on your dog, can also act as a flea powder repellent, if he licks his fur, this will not harm him.
  • 9
    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: 1 tsp in dogs water daily. if they don't like this, you can add to their food.