#avocado Recipes

Banana Avocado Bread with Chocolate chips  in glass loaf pan

Banana Avocado Bread with Chocolate Chips

I am in love with banana breads. And to have this one with ooie gooie ...

A bowl of Awesome Avocado Dip.

Awesome Avocado Dip

An easy but yummy treat. Enjoy!

Cilantro LIme Grilled Chicken Breast With Southwest Yellow Rice Salad on two plates.

Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken Breast with Southwest Yellow Rice Salad

This dish so, so easy to prepare and can be served hot or cold. Little ...

A bowl of Shawn's Salsa Fresca.

Shawn's Salsa Fresca

This is sooooo good! Best if refrigerated for at least an hour so the flavors ...

Ultimate Avocado Toast on a platter.

Ultimate Avocado Toast

This is a special breakfast. Perfect for when you want something light and healthy and ...

A platter of Avocado-Stuffed Tomatoes.

Avocado Stuffed Tomatoes

A friend brought this to a backyard party once and I really liked it. She ...

A platter of Grilled Chicken Breast Ciabatta With Pesto Mayo sandwiches.

Grilled Chicken Breast Ciabatta w/ Pesto Mayo~Robynne

I am always looking for new ways to prepare my family's favorite foods and this ...

Chocolate Avocado Love Pudding with caramel sauce and whipped coconut milk.

Chocolate Avocado Love Pudding

My family has recently gone vegan and we LOVE chocolate! I decided to create a ...

Ceviche Salad in an avocado half on a plate.

Ceviche Salad

I had this dish several years ago at a restaurant that we visited on our ...

A bowl of Chunky Guacamole With Cumin.

Chunky Guacamole With Cumin (Guacamole con Cumino)

This guacamole has a subtle tartness, balanced heat, and a creamy and chunky texture. Served ...

Taco with ahi and guac

Ahi Tacos with Avocado Salsa

Ran across this recipe years ago. Because I usually keep my recipes on line, it ...

A plate of Pickels Not Yo Nachos.

Pickels Not Yo Nachos

Better than Margaritaville's Nacho Volcanos without a doubt!

Avocado Deviled Eggs sprinkled with paprika.

Avocado Deviled Eggs

My daughter had mentioned to me the other day how she uses avocado instead of ...

Easy, Tasty Tostadas

It's easy peasy and yum!!! (Pictured with pulled pork)

Slices of tuna on a plate with rice crackers and a slaw garnished with chives.


Light, fresh and incredible easy to make, this Japanese inspired dish is one you just ...

A plate with vegetables, prawns along with a sauce in a glass bowl.

Crab Louie Salad

With seafood, eggs, fresh vegetables, bacon topped with a delicious homemade dressing, this salad is ...

My grandmother’s avocado dip is a crowd pleaser! It was cool before we knew what guacamole was!

Avocado Dip

My maternal grandmother was born in 1900 on the island of Rhodes, in Greece. She ...

A bowl of Holy Guacamole.

Holy Guacamole!

I've spent years perfecting my guacamole. It's always a hit at parties. I feel shallots ...

Avocado and artichoke hearts holiday salad in a bowl.

Avocado and Artichoke Hearts Holiday Salad

My mom has made this salad for the holidays for years it is a favorite ...

Healthy Chicken Tacos

We absolutely love tacos! My husband is on a diet so I devised a different ...

Repello (Nicaraguan Cabbage Slaw)

This recipe is traditionally served with Baho (recipe posted here). It is also good ...

You would never guess there is Avocado in this

Healthier Chocolate Pudding

Ok DON'T let this recipe fool you. I made this and well Barry my hubby ...

Creole Rice Pilaf

Perfect side for so many things....fish, chicken, pork or beef! The avocado and tomato ...