Potato Salad Recipes

Creative potato salad recipes from real home cooks. Whether mayo or mustard, hot or cold... We've got 'em!

Oct 13, 2020

Greek Potato Salad with Feta Cheese

By Maria *
I have this easy potato salad and have been making it for the past 40 years....
Jul 17, 2020

Healthy Potato Salad

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Remember, you are only using 2 tbsp of this mayonnaise, keep the rest refrigerated in a...
Jun 28, 2020

Potato salad

By mary hendricks
A tweak on my mom's recipe. She used olives but I like capers. Either works....
Jun 8, 2020

Heirloom Potato Salad

By Betsy Wolfe
I've taken the best elements from two family potato salad recipes and have made this version...
Jun 4, 2020


By Patty Sandifer Baskin
I really hate to peel potatoes. I decided to try my hand at this because I...
May 21, 2020

Ham & Cheese Potato Salad

By Amy Herald
Fun fact: Potatoes are grown in 36 states across the US.
Apr 27, 2020

Momma's German Potato Salad

By melanie kenefsky
This dish was handed down by my great grandmother. I still make it for family and...
Sep 26, 2019

Brussels Sprouts With Easy Hot Bacon Dressing

By Natalie Houghtby-Haddon
This recipe has been known to transform Brussels sprouts haters into lovers! The dressing can be...
Sep 8, 2019

Creamy Italian Potato Salad

By Lori Loucas
This salad has been a huge hit at every potluck I've ever taken it to! If...
Aug 7, 2019

Ma Huck's Smoky Potato Salad

By Susie Huckvale
This is the hands-down best potato salad out there. Everyone who tries it can't stop eating...
Jun 12, 2019

Mustard Potato Salad

By Beverly Dunlap
A good old family standby. This is a must-have for any family get together. We are...
May 23, 2019

Sweet Potato Salad

By Beth Pierce
Sweet Potato Salad is a combination of Southern hospitality meets flavor packed Tex Mex. Seasoned...
May 23, 2019

Dutch Potato Salad - Huzarensalade

By Carolyn Haas
There are as many different versions of Huzarensalade as there are tulips in Holland! It can...
Apr 4, 2019

Nana JoAnn's Potato Salad

By JoAnn Reyes
Wonderful tasting and the best Southern-style potato salad you can eat.
Jan 20, 2019

Potato salad with egg and swede

By Ramona's Cuisine -
A refreshing four potato salad which contains four types of potatoes, eggs, raw swede shavings and...
Nov 8, 2018

Mediterranean potato, egg and olive salad

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Grab a bite out of this Mediterranean potato, egg and olive salad, a yummy treat suitable...
Nov 2, 2018

Potato, cucumber and garlic salad

By Ramona's Cuisine -
This potato, cucumber and garlic salad is an adventurous salad recipe, and you can get creative...
Sep 26, 2018

Tangy Potato Salad

By Carolyn Haas
I love potato salad and happened to have these ingredients on hand. We enjoyed it and...
Jul 30, 2018

My potato salad with eggs and spring onion

By Gert W. Knop
It is a good recipe for summer and can be eaten with any kind of meat,...
Jul 10, 2018

Mock Potato Salad (Cauliflower)

By Marianne Gleason
Low carb potato salad made with cauliflower instead of potatoes. You cannot even tell it's not...
Jul 1, 2018

Mom's Creamy Potato Salad

By barbara lentz
This is my dads favorite potato salad. My mom passed away many years ago but I...
Jun 22, 2018

Luau Potato Salad

By Carolyn Haas
On a Hawaiian cruise a few years ago, we had a chance to go to a...
Jun 22, 2018

Southern Style Potato Salad

By Kristin D
I love a decent potato salad, especially during the summertime when all those BBQ's happen. I...
Jun 12, 2018

Not your usual Potato Salad

By Baby Kato
This salad is best served the next day, when all the flavors have had a chance...
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