Fruit Salad Recipes

Feeling fruity? Fabulous! Channel that fun into these festive fruit salad recipe creations. Your apples and oranges will thank you.

Yummy Apple Cole Slaw in a serving dish.

Yummy Apple Coleslaw

My children never liked coleslaw until I started making it with apples! Even their ...

It is pretty cool I think to be able to make a dish in less than 15 minutes that is so nutritiously balanced and so delicious.

Delish grape & cheese salad

1. The walnuts can be replaced with cashew nuts, almond flakes or pecan nuts, either ...

Peach Salad

Refreshing salad for a hot summer day.

24 Hour Fruit Salad

This fruit salad has been in my family for as long as I can remember. ...

Light, healthy version of fruit salad

Summer Fruit Salad

Great recipe for bbq's, potlucks, or just in the frig ready to eat as a ...

Lemon dressed fruit salad in a bowl with a sprig of mint.

Lemon Dressed Fruit Salad

This is a delicious, refreshing fruit salad that I made for a family reunion. ...

Fruit salad with a little twist.

Jody's Summertime Salad

I went searching for a quick and easy summer salad that wasn't lettuce based, tasted ...

Hawaiian Fresh Fruit Salad w/ Lime/Honey Dressing

There's nothing better than a tropical fruit salad with a tart/sweet dressing to add additional ...

Chicken Waldorf salad on a plate.

Chicken Waldorf Salad

My husband and I both love this as a main dish salad. What could be ...

Sunshine in a bowl with a sprig of mint.

Sunshine in a Bowl

I came up with this when my sister was pregnant with her first child. She ...

Cherry pineapple fluff salad on plate with fork.


When I created this recipe, I started with my basic cherry fluff recipe, switched it ...

Mango Salad

I did not think I liked mangos. I had this at an Asian Bistro in ...

Delightful salad for any occasion.

Ambrosia Salad

This is the 'go to' salad when I was a kid. Love all the ...

Rich strawberry salad for those warm summer days or holidays.

Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad

I found this recipe in a cookbook made up by friends in my community. ...

Mai Tai Fruit Salad

This recipe looks very pretty served in the halved pineapple shells. Delicious as well!

now it is ready to add the snickers!

Snicker Salad

We have the girls in GS camp bring a cup of their favorite fruit to ...

Melon and Goat Cheese Salad

I often throw this refreshing fruit salad together in the summer when melons are at ...

Pistachio Fruit Salad

Super easy and great tasting salad. Great for summer

Fresh Mango Salad

I love fresh fruit salads in the summer time. This is a really tasty one!

Turkish Watermelon & White Cheese Salad

Is there anything more refreshing than ripe, sweet juicy, Watermelon? You will want to ...


watermelon and feta salad

refreshing, serves many and great presentation.