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Chicken Salad Recipes

Who doesn't love chicken salad? If you don't now, you will once you try these favorite recipes from chicken salad-loving home cooks!

Kim's Simple Chicken Salad

I love chicken salad especially if it has a great texture & is tasty too. ...

Homemade Crunchy Chicken Salad

You'll never buy store bought again, super easy and very flavorful...with no added non-sense.

Chicken Salad

I know the ranch dip is an unusual twist, but it really adds a depth ...

Finally remembereded to take a picture!

Italian Chicken Salad

We have always eaten a basic chicken salad. That's what we like. I thought, what ...

Game Day Favorite!

Picnic Perfect Chicken Salad

There is a local country store that sells a homemade chicken salad that everyone brags ...

Fruited Chicken Salad

I had this for lunch in a little German restaurant. I loved it and decided ...

Easy to make chicken and pea salad

Chicken and pea salad

This is a great salad to eat on hot days of summer. It came ...

Which Came First Salad

It's the age old question .. which came first - the chicken or the egg. I ...

High-Protein Chicken Salad

I got this recipe from My Fitness Pal. Healthy and good. Easy to make. Yummy!

Orange Chicken Coleslaw Salad

A delicious Asian-inspired salad using rotisserie chicken and pre-packaged cole salw mix -- quick, easy ...

Red White and Blue Chicken Salad By Eddie

This chicken salad is great for lunch, dinner or a midnight snack. It's good anytime.


This is lovely for a light supper at the end of a summers day as ...

Fiesta Chicken Taco Cups

Here's a recipe that makes a nice presentation for a quick Mexican flavored chicken salad. I ...

Chicken and Strawberry Salad

You grill the chicken in this salad after it marinates. If you have other appliances ...

Love this chicken salad I made with some leftover smoked chicken. Since I have prepared it this way don't think I will use ordinary cooked chicken again.

Smokey Chicken Salad

Recently a friend smoked some chicken fo us after enjoying it for a meal I ...

Indonesian-Style Chicken Salad

This is a great spicy but refreshing summer salad with a distinct Asian flair and ...

Chicken & Winter Greens Salad


Tasty wintertime salad to go with pasta or whatever! Recipe & photo: BH&G 01-19-16

Chutney Chicken Salad

A simple yet tasty chicken salad, from Make a Difference with Dole.

This Salad is filled with roasted chicken, almonds, cherries, crumbled blue cheese, and more and the kicker is you make your own croutons out of mexican bolo or torta buns and Texas Ranch Olive Oil, Stir fried in an iron skillet. So good!!

Spinach Cherry Bleu Delight

The delicious flavors enhance each other so well. This is fast, easy and very satisfying.

Chicken Posole Salad

All the great flavors of chicken posole, in a salad!

one "Jumbled Waldorf"

one crazy tasting take on a the "waldorf" - this one has chucks of chicken, ...

Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad, my take on Panera's salad by the same name.

Strawberry Poppy Seed Chicken Salad

My husband and I love Panera's Strawberry Poppy Seed Chicken Salad. Well now they sell ...