Vietnamese Recipes

Easy Beef Pho

Just like the Vietnames restaurants make

Chicken Stir Fry with Rice Noodles

One of the best Vietnamese stir fries ever

"My almost" Pho Soup

I love Pho soups, although I have made from scratch, it is very time consuming. So ...

Vietnames Beef Skewers

Just a little something I came up with for lunch one day

Vietnamese Style Pan Seared Bass Filet

Simple and delicious. Great for your fresh catch.

Vietnamese Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

Crispy and yummy. Totally umami

Vietnamese Lemongrass Beef Noodle Bowl

Amazing noodle bowl. By marinating the meat and threating the mushrooms gives such a depth ...

Ninja Foodi Chicken Pho

You can use an instant pot with this recipe if you don't have a ninja. ...

Vietnamese Style Spinach & Shrimp Soup

This spinach and shrimp soup is delicious.

Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables

Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables

These pickled vegetables are sweet, tangy, and a little bit spicy. They are traditionally used ...

Vietnamese Garlic Noodles

Vietnamese Garlic Noodles

This garlicy recipe comes together fast! About 30 minutes from start to finish. And it's ...

Vietnamese Thick Noodle Soup with Pork & Shrimp

If you can find the bahn canh noodles is best or make them. They are ...

Rice Noodle Stir Fry w Beef My Way

Had this at a local Vietnamese restaurant. it was so good except for the beef. ...

Mango Salad

I love mangoes, they are my favorite fruit. Nothing beats a mango for a ...

Vietnamese Clay Pot FIsh

This is absolutely delicious.

Vietnamese Caramelized Lemongrass Shrimp

I have posted the recipe for the Vietnamese Caramel sauce. These are delicious and don't ...

Chicken Thighs with Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

I posted the recipe for the Vietnamese Caramel Sauce. This makes a great dish.

Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

This sauce is used in many Vietnamese dishes. You can use regular sugar but it ...