American Recipes

Check out these delicious American recipes! From mac and cheese to apple pie, we've got an assortment of traditional American recipes to add to your menu.

7 hours ago

Best Ever Meatloaf Sandwich

By Jessica Rehs
I love the versatility of a meatloaf recipe. The possibilities are endless with all of the...
17 hours ago

Cold Weather Essentials: Vodka Toddy

By Andy Anderson !
This is a great drink for a cold Winter’s eve, or just when you want a...
Wednesday at 10:54 AM

Sandwich Essentials: Grilled Cheese - Pizza Style

By Andy Anderson !
This is a fun, easy/peasy sandwich to make with items you probably have in your kitchen. Choose...
Wednesday at 9:54 AM

Low-Carb Broccoli Cheese Casserole

By Kelly Hemmings
This yummy side dish can be turned into a main entree by adding 1 cup leftover...
Tuesday at 6:50 PM

Duck Breast with Sweet Balsamic Vinegar Sauce

By barbara lentz
Delicious sauce. Next time I am going to puree the sauce and keep the solids to...
Tuesday at 6:25 PM

Salsa Rice with Chicken and Black Beans

By Maggie M
It could not be faster or easier and it's very inexpensive. We took our salsa rice recipe...
Tuesday at 9:11 AM


By Jean Fisher
Delicious raspberry salad dressing. I have always loved raspberries. Perfect blend.
Tuesday at 8:00 AM

Creamy Bacon Chipotle Mac n Cheese

By Lora DiGs
I wanted to make mac and cheese. Had some bacon that I needed to use and...
Monday at 7:46 PM

Snacking Essentials: Beef Jerky – Three Ways

By Andy Anderson !
I like good beef jerky, but the operative word in that sentence is “good.” Most...
Monday at 9:58 AM

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

By Nor Mac
This recipe makes nice soft cookies. It is not a crumbly dry cookie. The combination...
Monday at 8:00 AM

Loaded Hashbrowns

By Laura Griffin
I really want Arby's to bring back their loaded potato cakes. So I was thinking about...
Sunday at 6:18 PM

2 Cheese Stuffed Crust Hamburger Flatbread Pizza

By barbara lentz
Made this for dinner. So good
Sunday at 1:15 PM

Beef Barley Soup

By Debbie Sue
Here's my version of Beef Barley Soup! Very flavorful, and delicious!
Sunday at 10:43 AM

Rustic Italian Bread (sponge method)

By Garrison Wayne
This Rustic Loaf is easy to make in your Dutch Oven. It is made in one...
Saturday at 6:38 PM

Butter Garlic Parmesan Chicken

By barbara lentz
This is so tasty and garlicky yum
Saturday at 5:35 PM

Crispy Potato Rosti

By barbara lentz
Great crispy potatoes. I like using ghee it's clarified butter and has a more intense butter...
Saturday at 5:35 PM

Tropical Banana Pancakes Turned into Oven Bake

By C C
My kid loved the tropical flavors of the banana pancakes that can be eaten early on...
Saturday at 10:22 AM


By Linda Smith
These biscuits are light and fluffy
Saturday at 6:31 AM

Bourbon Steak Bites

By Robin Lieneke
This is a quick, easy and different way to dress up steak. You could leave...
Friday at 8:56 PM


By BonniE !
This is my Change It Up Super Simple Salad Secret! Why is it so good?...
Friday at 6:42 PM

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

By Amy Herald
This is me, trying to get rid of all the pumpkin puree in my freezer from...
Friday at 8:00 AM

Keto Mini Pigs in a Blanket

By Kelly Hemmings
This is a Keto-friendly snack!!
Thursday, Feb 18 at 4:12 PM

Aunt Nonner's Pork Chop Casserole

By Lori Harbin-Combs
Once in a while I just want something simple and delicious and this is one of...
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