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Deviled Eggs - Oeufs Mimosa

By Cosette Khoryati
I love deviled eggs! They are tasty, simple, pretty and great for parties.

Oeufs D'Amour

By Doreen Fish
Translated means "Eggs of Love". This is a dish for 2 but I made it...

Shirred Eggs (Oeufs en Cocotte)

By Andy Anderson !
Shirred eggs are essentially baked eggs with some cream, some herbs and some cheese. They are deceptively...

Oeufs En Cocotte à La Suisse

By Beth Renzetti
A richer, Swiss version of a French classic. Originally posted for ZWT, reposted for Culinary...

Tomates garnies aux oeufs (deviled tomatoes)

By Marion Wilting
This is a typical hors d'oeuvre from the Provence
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