#Nachos Recipes

Meatless Nachos Recipe

Meatless Nachos

By Lillian Patterson
Don't get me wrong, I love beef, but sometimes it's so expensive and I'm lazy and...
Breakfast Nachos Recipe

Breakfast Nachos

By joann gough-stallbaumer
A great way to mix up Sunday mornings! My kids love this.
Late Night Nachos Recipe

Late Night Nachos

By Angie Hooper
I make these when my roommates and I are up late and don't feel like doing...
Goat Cheese Nachos Recipe

Goat Cheese Nachos

By Monica H
Healty (ier) nachos! So good with the warm goat cheese... this is enough for one...
Loaded Nacho Dip Recipe

Loaded Nacho Dip

By Sheila Kremer
I've had this recipe since I was in college many, many years ago! It is always...
American Mexican Nachos Grande Recipe

American Mexican Nachos Grande

If my kids have a request for Sunday dinner I know that it is going to...
Nacho Tator Tot Casserole Recipe

Nacho Tator Tot Casserole

My kids loved this and it was so quick and easy that it became a once...
Irish Nachos Recipe

Irish Nachos

By Lisa Haynie
An old friend of mine posted on Facebook that his daughter had hit it out the...
Working Mom's Layered Nachos Recipe

Working Mom's Layered Nachos

By Michelle Waco
A quick, easy and somewhat healthy dinner fix for anytime you need to get dinner on...
Loaded Smashed Salt Potatoes Recipe

Loaded Smashed Salt Potatoes

By Jennifer Morrisey
Salt potatoes are a regional specialty of Upstate New York, usually served in the summer when...
Brie Nachos Recipe

Brie Nachos

By Monica H
DELISH... Brie and fruit spread.. all warm on some crispy nacho chips.
Unfried Refried Beans No Fat Low Sodium Recipe

Unfried refried beans NO fat low sodium

By Lynn Socko
I use refried beans in burritos, on nachos, even on pizza, but the ones from the...
Mimi's Grande Nachos Recipe

Mimi's Grande Nachos

By Amanda Choate
Before my husband and I were married we lived in a little one bedroom apartment downtown...
Loaded Fajita Nacho's Recipe

Loaded Fajita Nacho's

By Cassie *
I love making these while watching the football games..A satisfying and delicious snack..ENJOY!
Black Bean, Salsa, And Sour Cream Nachos Recipe

Black Bean, Salsa, and Sour Cream Nachos

By Tammy T
Got this recipe from my Safeway store. It sounds fresh and delicious! My vegetarian daughter will...
Pickled Jalapeno Rings Recipe

Pickled Jalapeno Rings

By Lou Kostura
I like making my own as they stay crunchy. This recipe will make 6 quarts of...
Cheddar Shrimp Nachos Recipe

Cheddar Shrimp Nachos

By Debbie Quimby
Pinched from the Taste of Home Church Suppers cookbook. Yummy.
Hearty Nachos Recipe

Hearty Nachos

By Debbie Quimby
Pinched this from a Tex-Mex cookbook. So easy and so good.
2-fer Nacho Cheese Dinners Recipe

2-fer Nacho Cheese Dinners

By Valkyrie Raehl
This recipe makes 2 distinct meals that kids will love!
Sicilian Nachos Recipe

Sicilian Nachos

By Kandi Leopold
Tried these and they are loved by myself and my kids!!!
Quick, Easy And Healthy Nachos Recipe

Quick, easy and healthy nachos

By sherry monfils
Oh so healthy, but oh so tasty!
Buffalo Chicken Nachos Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

By Leslie Speed Dutton
If you like buffalo chicken, you're going to LOVE this rich, cheesy recipe for Buffalo Chicken...
Dinner Nachos Recipe

Dinner Nachos

By Betsy Wolfe
A gaggle of teens come over at the last minute? People show up to watch the...
South West Cheesy Chili Dip Recipe

South west cheesy chili dip

By Nor Mac
This is one of my favorite dips for parties. It is a definite at my house...