Pork Recipes

Spicy Apple Feta Pork Burgers &cranb Creme Fraiche Recipe

Spicy Apple Feta Pork Burgers &Cranb Creme Fraiche

By Jennifer Darden
For the palate that craves creative fare and doesn't settle for ordinary... I always freeze fresh cranberries...

Chinese Cabbage Stir Fry Recipe

Chinese Cabbage Stir Fry

By Susan Feliciano
Tastes like egg roll filling, but without the fried bread, so it's low in carbs. One option:...

Cavatini Recipe


By Traci Coleman
My Aunt Linda used to make this as the main dish for her Super Bowl potluck...

Hog Chops Recipe

Hog Chops

By Ashley Muller
So...my Aunt and Uncle are Harley riders and I LOVE my Aunt's marinade. I took...

Asian Pork Loin Recipe

Asian Pork Loin

By Melanie B
Delicious marinade for a pork loin. The amount of marinade ingredients you use depends on how...

Asian Adobo Or Humba Recipe

Asian Adobo or Humba

By Jacqueline Mcginley
This a very easy dish.This is my mother-in-laws favorite dish and I always try to make...

Hearty Lasagna For Two Recipe

Hearty Lasagna for Two

By Barbara Oseland
For years of dabbling with recipes and having TONS of leftovers that ended up going to...

Hash Brown Potato Pie--bonnie's Recipe


By Bonnie ^O^
This very pretty pie, with green and red colors, is a great dish for Christmas morning...

French Meat Pie Recipe

French Meat Pie

By star pooley
My Mom makes this. Usually it is during the holiday season or Easter that you will...

Chinese Bbq Pork Recipe

Chinese BBQ Pork

By Fran Say
This is a household staple for us! As good as store-bought! Serve it over rice, or...