Seafood Recipes

Discover easy and healthy seafood recipes from stellar home cooks.


Lee's Lobster Bisque Recipe

Lee's Lobster Bisque

By Lee Paige
Someone I know loved this soup, so I went into a seafood restaurant and asked for...

Crab Balls Recipe

Crab Balls

By Lynne Hawkins
We love crab cooked many ways here in Southern Maryland. This is one of my...

Sriracha Deviled Crab Sandwich With Slaw Recipe

Sriracha Deviled Crab Sandwich with slaw

By Amy Freeze
After winning the opening rounds of the World Sandwich Championship, whether right or wrong, I decided...

Crab Bisque  With Sherry Recipe

Crab Bisque with Sherry

By Pat Duran
This recipe has been taste tested; and I have adopted it. It's hearty and and good -...

Texas Crabgrass Recipe

Texas Crabgrass

By Jenay Tate
Discovered this in my "Caterin' to Charleston" cookbook. I play around with it every time I...