Christmas Recipes

From elegant dinner ideas to adorable Christmas cookies and delicious Christmas desserts, celebrate the holidays with tasty Christmas recipes.

Baked Custard Pancake ready to be sliced.

Baked Custard Pancake

This pancake is so good. In fact, it is more like a custard than cake ...

Brunch Crab Benedict assembled on a plate.

Brunch Crab Benedict

This is my recipe for an elegant open-faced crab sandwich to be served for brunch ...

The Not So Sweet Potato Casserole ready to serve.

The Not So Sweet Potato Casserole

My family may be one of ten who really doesn't like the marshmallowy, brown sugary ...

Cranberry Orange Ginger Scones on a plate with butter.

Cranberry Orange Ginger Scones

This came from wanting to add something good to a basic scone recipe I had. ...

Sweet Potato Casserole With a Hint of Orange Flavor ready to be served.

Sweet Potato Casserole With a Hint of Orange Flavor

My boys love this and not just for Thanksgiving. I make this all fall and ...

A platter of Millie's Sweet Potato Biscuits.

Sweet Potato Biscuits, Millie's

I first had these little biscuits at a quaint mountain restaurant. This is my own ...

Classic Apple Pie ready to be sliced.

Classic Apple Pie

The lemon zest and fresh lemon juice in this pie make it taste so fresh ...

A plate of Grandma Ann's Iced Oatmeal Spice Cookies.

Grandma Ann's Iced Oatmeal Spice Cookies

These bring back many childhood memories, and they were also a favorite of my father's. ...

Slice cut into the 2-Hour Turkey.

2-Hour Turkey, Really.

I ran across this recipe a few years back from my local grocery store. I ...

Creamy Mashed Potatoes ready to be served.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

This is a quick easy recipe that enhances any meal.

Ginger Ale Glazed Ham on a platter.

Ginger Ale Glazed Ham

This makes a very moist glazed ham without all the sugars that most glazed have ...

Easy Homemade Cornbread Dressing in the Crock Pot.

Easy Homemade Cornbread Dressing in the Crock Pot

The ease and clean up is this the best part of the recipe. Oh, and ...

Juicy turkey thanks to a Turkey Brine.

Turkey Brine

This makes a moist and delicious turkey. I love it when my Uncle brines his ...

Aunt Linda's Corn Pudding ready to be served.

Aunt Linda's Corn Pudding

This is my late aunt Linda's "Corn Pudding" recipe. My cousin makes this for every ...

Two bowls of Christmas Reindeer Crack.

Christmas Reindeer "Crack"

Sweet and salty goodness! Perfect snack for the holiday time.

A small bowl of Streusel Yam Casserole.

Streusel Yam Casserole

This creamy yam casserole has been handed down for generations. I have taken the honor ...

Bacon Bundled Green Beans on a platter.

Bacon Bundled Green Beans

I needed a new idea for Thanksgiving this year, 2016, and this recipe was such ...

Layers of the Scalloped Potatoes.

Scalloped Potatoes

My mother could make the best scalloped potatoes. It's so easy as most of the ...

Fresh Green Bean Casserole ready to be served.

Fresh Green Bean Casserole

This is something that I put together myself from bits of other recipes. It is ...

A platter of Katarzynki (Polish Gingerbread Cookies).

Katarzynki - Polish Gingerbread Cookies

When I was a little girl - oh, who am I kidding... I ALWAYS LOVED ...

A plate of Snowball cookies.


This cookie has been called by many names... Russian tea cakes, Mexican wedding cookies. My ...

Grandma's Butterscotch Pie ready to be sliced.

Grandma's Butterscotch Pie

Grandma liked to cook and she used to love looking through cookbooks for different recipes. ...

Sinful Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream and chocolate.

Sinful Chocolate Mousse

Even in restaurants, chocolate mousse seems to be nothing more than chocolate pudding. This recipe ...

A plate of Gingerbread Thumbprints.

Gingerbread Thumbprints

This a mix of several great gingerbread cookie recipes. I added the white chocolate glaze ...