Quick & Easy #Beans Recipes

The most amazing vegan chili ever

By Joan Hunt
mole paste is available in the Mexican section of large supermarkets or in specialty markets. I found...

RADish Salad

By Elizabeth Pierce
I am obsessed with radishes! I usually just eat them sliced like a potato chip and...

Chunky Vegetable Salad

By Joan Hunt
This is a great side dish and it is good for lunch boxes and picnic baskets....

Kraut 'n' Beans

By Marsha Baker
This is an amazing dish and soo delicious. The tasty sauerkraut surprises everyone, even folks...

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

By Dianne Wells
Always good with grilled pork or chicken or with lime tortilla chips for a snack

Uncle Tommy's Baked Beans

By Idrea Lippman
I have a dear friend in Louisiana who's Uncle Tommy experiments with recipes in his garage....

Easy rice and bean quesadilla

By Lynn Socko
Another good quick supper or lunch box favorite. Also a great way to use left over pinto...

Garden vegetable basil salad

By Deb Crane
Everything in the garden can be added to this simple recipe. A great way to enjoy...

Three Bean Salad

By Patty Ward
I make this frequently. Our family and friends love it. Hope you enjoy this as well.

There's HUMMUS Among US

By Torrey Moseley
Ok, so not EVERYTHING I make has to have butter in it. I do have the...

Quick Italian Beef & Vegetable Soup

By Carol Junkins
I got this recipe from my Supermarket where I shop. It is quick and very good. Another...

Green Beans and Country Ham Sammich

By Sherri Williams
Greens beans and ham is a wonderful southern side dish. You guessed it, turns out they...

Ramsey Family Beans

By Dana Ramsey
This is our family's favorite way to make baked beans. They are super delicious and...

Green Beans & Garlic Red Wine By Freda

EASY . . I fix Green Beans any way I can. This is just one of...

Hungarian Green Beans with creamy roux onion sauce

By Deb Crane
These green beans, with the creamy, sweet and sour onion sauce are wonderful! We had a...

Fried Green Beans

By Lynn Socko
This tastes a lot like fried okra!!

Southwest Chicken Rolls

By Jean Moore
Yummy and easy, most everyone will eat these up!

Sauteed Garlic Green Beans

By Holly Grier- Wallace
We grow Italian Green Beans each year and I love to saute them in a pan...

Tasty Salsa-Guac

By Madelene Chocolat
This is my favorite salsa in the whole world! I adapted this recipe to my own...

Nancy's Grilled Berry London Broil Sunday Dinner

By Sherri Williams
I always looked forward to Sunday dinners when growing up. One of my favorites was...

Hamburger Macaroni Soup/Stew

By Kerri Dierberger
This meal is tasty, inexpensive, easy and feeds a lot of people. It also tastes great...

Cheesy Green Bean Bacon Pie

I altered this recipe from the Internet recipe because my family likes Mozzella better and I...

Top round roast w/pan roasted red potatoes and baked beans...

By Lynn Socko
This meal is fit for a King and is easy breezy to make! And it's...

Pasta Fazoo!

By cassie thornburg
One of my mother's favorite soups is Pasta Fagioli. Since she is of Swedish descent, and...
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