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Smoky Chicken Tacos/scoops

Smoky Chicken Tacos/Scoops

By Echo Day
These started out as smoky chicken tacos, using leftovers from a rotisserie chicken, but ended up...
Quarterback Sacks

Quarterback Sacks

By Kim Dixon
A great way to use left over chicken salad
Kitty's Easy  Cheesy Garlic Bread

Kitty's Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread

By Katrina Freed
For years I kept burning the garlic bread until one day I came up with this...
Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas

Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas

By Rachel Hubbard
I got this recipe on the Pillsbury website. I changed the recipe a little bit, so...
Serve With A Tangy Bbg Sauce Or A Rustic Dijon Mustard. Yum!

Baked Chicken Livers

By Lynn Brasher
The smokiness of the bacon really gives wonderful flavor! Just try will love it!
This Is The Best Peanut Butter Sauce.

The Best Bisquick Chicken Bites

By Pat Duran
This recipe is so versatile. Many interesting ways to use this idea!
Adding The Turkey And Bacon Enhanced This Soup 10 Fold.

Creamy Roasted Tomatillo Soup w/turkey and bacon

By Lynn Socko
This soup came from my love of Juilann Esquivel's "Roasted Tomatillo Salsa". I always said...
Made A Clear Sauce For A Nice Effect.

Halloween Eyes and Ears Pasta (Chicken and dumplings)

By Deb Crane
Ok, so I LOVE Halloween! I found this recipe by Mark Hill on Razzle Dazzle Recipes....
Buffalo Chicken Dip-extreme

buffalo Chicken dip-EXTREME

By Samantha Jacobs
I developed this for my cousins going away party when he was leaving for basic training...
Mock Liver Pate (easy)

Mock Liver Pate (easy)

By Pat Duran
This recipe is very old and given to me by my friend Barb who...
Japanese Rumaki

Japanese Rumaki

By Pat Duran
This addictive appetizer is of Japanese origin, but it first achieved popularity in Hawaii- and is...
Chickie Chickie Bang Bang

Chickie Chickie Bang Bang

By Amanda Smith
Three words - Wonderful... Addictive... Flavorful. A great appetizer!
Tiffany's Chicken Nachos

Tiffany's Chicken Nachos

By Tiffany Young
Very good everyone loves them! Let me know how your family likes the best nachos out...
A Platter Filled With Chicken Cheese Nachos.

Chicken Cheese Nachos

By Amber Carpenter
If you like going to Mexican restaurants you will love my sister's recipe for these.
Chicken Liver Pate'

Chicken Liver Pate'

By Bill Wesley
I always include this appetizer at elegant or not so elegant parties as something rich and...
Mexican Inspired Egg Rolls

Mexican Inspired Egg Rolls

By Linda Dalton
I love burritos and quesadillas, and have been looking for a way to enjoy them in...
Bbq Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

By Megan Conner
This pizza is amazing! Found the recipe in a cool new cook book I found called...
Chicken Pinwheels W/creamy Lemon Sauce

Chicken Pinwheels w/Creamy Lemon Sauce

By Annette W.
To quote my kids "Oh my God mom these are heaven on a plate" and "these...
Maple Chicken Pumpkin Bites (appetizers)

Maple Chicken Pumpkin Bites (appetizers)

By Didi Dalaba
These little gems will be gone the moment they take the first bite!! They are...
Italian Naan-chos In A Cast Iron Skillet With Melted Cheese On Top.

Italian Naan-chos

By Lori McLain
I love a great plate of nachos... and these have gone Italian. Fun and easy for...
Recipe From An Indian Pub And Chef Daniel Orr

Chicken Liver Appetizers

By Pat Duran
The holidays are a perfect time to serve this delicious French recipe. These are great appetizers...
Susan's Tortilla Soup

Susan's Tortilla Soup

By Susan Din
I don't like thick, or really tomatoey tortilla soup, so this is my style. Brothy with chicken...
Salsa Chicken Quesadilla

Salsa Chicken Quesadilla

By Amanda Michelle
I've made this filling before and used to make tacos and as a dip with tortilla...
Chicken,ham And Portabella Bread Bake With Caramelized Onions !

Chicken, Ham & Portabella Bread Bake

By Millie Johnson
This is one of my family and friends favorite recipe. The caramelized onions add that special...

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