Mormononi's Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Mormononi's Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Created February 2014

Sue Lorraine
By Sue Lorraine @MormonNonnie
Lovingly Compiled by
Sue Lorraine aka

As a Mormon in good standing, it is against our church's "Word of Wisdom" to partake of alcoholic beverages. However, just like anyone else I enjoy special occassions or holidays where I can serve a special drink.

These recipes are compiled from the JAP website. Thanks to all the cooks who have submitted these concoctions!

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Ellen Bales - over a year ago
Sue, thanks so much for including my Irish Rose recipe in your great cookbook!
Anna B. - over a year ago
Thank you so much for including my recipes!
Bob Cooney - over a year ago
Hi!!! I'm Fireman Bob and I serve with Church Security... its a Church Service Mission... I have served for 20 years protecting the Prophet and General Authorities ... Would love to talk..... : ))))