Vegetable Recipes

Squash Casserole Recipe

Squash Casserole

Sheila Sawyer
By Sheila Sawyer

Recipe was given to me by a wonderful friend. I don't like squash, but I love...

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Bea's Oven Fried Okra Recipe

Bea's Oven Fried Okra

Bea L.
By Bea L.

One of my beach buddies, Diane, shared with me how to cook okra in the oven....

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Pepper and Onion Relish Recipe

Pepper and Onion Relish

Pam Ellingson
By Pam Ellingson

I grew tons of sweet yellow wax peppers and onions this summer and didn't want them...

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Broccoli-Spinach Souffle Recipe

Broccoli-Spinach Souffle

Donna Farley
By Donna Farley

Adults love this dish and even children (and those adult children too) who turn their noses...

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Lisa's Collard Greens Recipe

Lisa's Collard Greens

Melissa Williamson
By Melissa Williamson

I love collard greens and I make them for Thanksgiving and Christmas and more holidays. I...

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Saving Green Tomatoes For the Holidays Recipe

Saving Green Tomatoes For the Holidays

Pam Ellingson
By Pam Ellingson

My mother loved fresh tomatoes from the garden, and always hated to see the first freeze...

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Balsamic brussels sprouts with cranberries Recipe

Balsamic brussels sprouts with cranberries

Teena Almeida
By Teena Almeida

If you don't like brussells sprouts this recipe will make you love them.I found this recipe...

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Crimson Salad-Annette's Recipe

Crimson Salad-Annette's

Annette W.
By Annette W.

I love anything with vinegar, onion and a crunch. It's all about textures. Not to mention...

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Corn And Pea Salad Recipe

Corn And Pea Salad

annette buckner
By annette buckner

I found this recipe in a church recipe book several years ago,my family really like it,...

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Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Carol White
By Carol White

Candied Sweet Potatoes is another family recipe that I needed to make healthier. I took...

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Amish Cabbage Casserole Recipe

Amish Cabbage Casserole

Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)

A simple hearty dish that will fill any appetite. Made with fresh cabbage, every bite brings...

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