Fruit Appetizer Recipes

Toffee Apple Pizza Recipe

Toffee Apple Pizza

By Melissa Sperka

This sweet and gooey dessert pizza is great year round, but, especially in the Fall. I...

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Amanda's Caramel Apple Dip Recipe

Amanda's Caramel Apple Dip

By Amanda Holman

This dip is so good, we've made it for years. With apples, its just like eating...

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Bea's Sweet Potato Jacks Recipe

Bea's Sweet Potato Jacks

By Bea L.

Some people call these fried pies or fritters but my mama called them jacks. When I...

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Accent Recipe


By Bobbi Gulla

I use this on everything!!! I mean evrything, meat, chick, fish, vegetables, fruits. My Grandmon used...

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Caramel Apple Bites Recipe

Caramel Apple Bites

By Stormy Stewart

This recipe and picture I borrowed from "the gypsy melting pot." Never been a large fan of...

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