Fruit Appetizer Recipes

Teriyaki Cocktail Franks Recipe

Teriyaki Cocktail Franks

By Skip Davis

My take on a different approach to Cocktail Frank Appetizers. Limited ingredients. Easy fix. First to disappear at...

Peanut Butter - Banana Rolls Recipe

Peanut Butter - Banana Rolls

By arty Jrgnsn

This is a further modification of the famous Elvis Presley's sandwich. To me, lumpia wrappers from...

French Toasted Ham & Cheese Recipe

French Toasted Ham & Cheese

By Pat Duran

This lonely recipe has finally been adopted. I like the ingredients in this sandwich . You...

Crunchy Granola Recipe

Crunchy Granola

By Lauren Conforti

This is an adopted recipe that I can't wait to try! My husband likes granola,...

Mango Spring Rolls Recipe

Mango Spring Rolls

By Brandy Bender

I adopted this recipe from this site, have not tried it yet but it sounds so...

Lobster and Mango Cocktail Recipe

Lobster and Mango Cocktail

By Brandy Bender

Have not tried this yet, I adopted it from this site. Thought it sound's really good!...

Cinnamon Candied Apple Slices Recipe

Cinnamon Candied Apple Slices

By Kat Ryan

Easy side dish or dessert spooned over ice cream. However you use it, this will be...

Mock Rumaki Recipe

Mock Rumaki

By Gary Hancq

I substitute Dates for the Chicken Livers. Thus the title "Mock Rumaki". They go fast.

Mom's Thanksgiving Cranberry Salad Recipe

Mom's Thanksgiving Cranberry Salad

By Gary Hancq

This has been a family Thanksgiving Tradition for as long as I can remember. Mom passed...



By Rhonda Martin

This has always been a great appetizer! Everyone always loves them~ Theres never any left!