Created August 2012

By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
50 great recipes

Cover photo and recipe by:
Kim Biejacki
from: Warren Ohio

August 2012

Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Joyce P. [Finnjin]

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Roxanne Andersen-Bridges - Oct 17, 2012
Again I'm honored that you inclued a recipe that I had posted, this one I
my cousin-in-law gave me. This is a great cake.
Thanks again Nancy
Judith Ayers - Aug 18, 2012
You have made a fabulous book with so many wonderful recipes. I looked at your pound cake recipes and found so many that I want to try. Long time ago I judged a men's cake baking contest and the winning recipe was a pound cake. We were privy to the recipe and I have looked and finally found that very one.
Thanks for your diligence and commitment to sharing. It is a great gift and I will enjoy reading more of your books.
Colleen Sowa - Aug 18, 2012
Very nice cookbook... xo
Kim Biegacki - Aug 17, 2012
Nancy, this is sure an over the top cake cookbook that's for sure. Those types of cakes that you savor every bite. Thanks for including one of my recipes and I was excited to see that you used the picture of my cake as your cover. It is my favorite recipe for a banana cake that I have found so far. Banana cake is my little Momma's favorite cake too! xoxoxoxo
Rose Mary Mogan - Aug 17, 2012
That should have been DUE not do, sorry about the error. Smile
Rose Mary Mogan - Aug 17, 2012
You are so HUMBLE, you would never get the big head.smile I think PRAISE IS DESERVED WHEN IT IS DO, AND SHOULD BE GIVEN WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE AND WELL, AND CAN HEAR & APPRECIATE THEM. You are so deserving of that Nancy. I LOVE & ADMIRE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. You inspire me on a daily basis, everytime I turn on the computer and see your works here at Just A Pinch I AM SO INSPIRED, I will strive to be like you. Something we can all aspire too. I am so Blessed to know you.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Aug 17, 2012
Rose Mary...WOW!! Such praise...I hope I don't get a big head!!..LOLI think I now have 160 COOKBOOKS..
eight in the lst 2 days!!!..........WHEW!!
You know I LOVE your recipes....
And thank you for all your comments..
Makes it all worth while!!...Hugs, Nancy
Hope you enjoy them....
Rose Mary Mogan - Aug 17, 2012
Well Nancy's at it again, doing what she loves to do. This cookbook is sure to become one of my favorites Nancy, It has some great recipes in it. I can't wait to order one. I love it when a cookbook has pictures for almost EVERY RECIPE, thanks so much also for including a few of my favorite Sour Cream Pound Cakes Also. You just are AWESOME AT WHAT YOU DO, AND WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOU Nancy. Thanks again for this awesome cookbook.