Meet The Crew

In the Test Kitchen, your hostess Janet Tharpe works with her daughter-in-law, Krissi, to prepare and sample hometown recipes submitted by Just A Pinch® Members. It is a labor of love for them both as they share traditions, swap stories and sample some of the tastiest food around! Together with the rest of the Kitchen Crew, these gals work to keep everything running deliciously!

Janet Tharpe

Janet Tharpe

Born in Lexington, Ky., Janet first developed her passion for cooking and baking at the early age of 14. As a child, she loved cooking for her grandfather and his workers. Now she shares her culinary skills by participating in church socials and potluck dinners as she adds to her own recipe box.

For the past five years, Janet has served as a chef assistant at a culinary school in Franklin, Tenn., fine-tuning her skills and swapping hometown recipes with friends and neighbors. Her culinary skills, combined with a dose of southern hospitality, make her the perfect host for the Just A Pinch® online community.

Not only is she a remarkable chef, she is also an accomplished seamstress. She taught herself to sew at age 11, won an international sewing contest and owns Through Grandma's Eyes, a small specialized sewing business.

Janet worked with American Airlines as a flight attendant for nine years before trading in her wings for an apron in 2001. She currently enjoys the quiet charm of Franklin, Tenn., with her husband Hugh, son Jason, daughter-in-law Krissi and grandson Connor.

When she isn't working on new recipes, Janet spends her time gardening, sewing and serving as an elder at Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church. But don't let this hometown girl fool you; she's also a blue belt in Taekwondo!

The Just A Pinch Kitchen Crew

Kitchen Crew

These folks keep the club running smoothly and looking pretty as a picture. From creating snazzy designs, to lending a helping hand, to chopping/whisking, to grocery shopping, to snapping yummy food pics, to working the occasional clean-up duty, there's nothing these savvy supergals can't pull off. They don't need capes... They wear aprons!

Honorary Crew

This team of Blue Ribbon club members helps prepare and taste the many delicious recipes submitted by YOU. Stand-out recipes are awarded a Blue Ribbon, so be sure to look for that stamp of approval when browsing recipes. (Imagine an entire week's menu filled with Blue Ribbon recipes... yum!)
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Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal

A member since 2012, Lisa has been cooking and learning new recipes since she was 11. Her time in the kitchen has paid off and she's contributed 450 recipes to date. That's a lot of cooking! We're thrilled to welcome this proud mom and grandmother to the Kitchen Crew.

Andy Anderson !

Between working on a cookbook, running a catering business and a bunch of other things, this Wichita native finds time to share his delightful recipes and insights with other home cooks. A member since 2013, we're thrilled to welcome Andy to the Kitchen Crew!

Alex Callegari

Hailing from Miami Fl, this family man has definitely learned a thing or two in the kitchen of his firehouse! His Pasta and Pancetta and Pea's in a Gorgonzola Sauce won us over (seriously, that sauce!). He'll be competing in the Pasta category at the 2015 World Food Championships. Welcome Alex!


Cooking is Ann's passion and she loves sharing her passion with others. We couldn't be happier that she entered her Decadent Shrimp and Bacon Mac and Cheese of the 2015 World Food Championships. It earned her a spot in the Pasta category. Go Ann!

Rebecka Evans

This Danville CA resident is heading to the 2015 World Food Championships competing in Bacon! We couldn't get enough of her Dutch Apple Baby with Blackberry Hoisin Bacon and hope the judges feel the same. Good luck Rebecka!

Lauren Katz

We're welcoming Lauren to the Kitchen Crew thanks to her Ultimate Maple-Bacon Bourbon Cream Sandwich Cookies. They earned her a spot in the Bacon category at the 2015 World Food Championships. We can't wait to see what sweet recipes she comes up with next!

Tara Waites

This foodie comes from a long line of cooks. If her family has recipes like Tara's BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger w/Chipotle Mayo, we'll be joining her next family reunion! This flavorful burger earned her a golden ticket to the 2015 World Food Championships. Congrats Tara!

juliana evans

Juliana celebrates the end of her hectic days with a sweet treat. If they're anything like her Praline Bananas Foster Cakelettes, we want a seat at her dinner table! This amazing dessert earned her a spot at the 2015 World Food Championships. Welcome to the Crew Juliana!