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Cilantro Pesto Won Ton Bites w/spicy peanut dipping sauce

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
I have been on a bit of a cilantro kick lately to the chagrin of my...

Fried Pork Won Tons w/Sweet & Sour Sauce

By Cathy Stevenson
Been making this recipe for more years than I care to count. My kids love...

Fried Won Tons by Maggie

By Maggie M
My Mom came up with this idea and served them many times over for New Years...

Pork filled fried won ton's

By Shirley Makekau
These go with the Chow mein I posted and I also use this filling to make...

Cheese Won Ton Crisps

By L D
This is a simple and easy appetizer.Just fry as many wrappers as you need,no need to...

WON TON MEIN - Chinese Dumplings and Noodles

By Jo Anne Sugimoto
This is another one of those comfort foods that my mom used to make, especially on...


By Jo Anne Sugimoto
Here's a neat snack, and very tasty, too! It won't last very long! It's...

Crispy Won Ton

By Charmaine Castro
I have seen & tried many different won ton recipes but always was left with awful...

Sausage Won Ton's

By Karen Yates
I've been making these appetizers for years. Any where I bring them they are always gone...


By Jo Anne Sugimoto
Won ton wrappers filled with almost anything!!! This is very good. Can't eat just one!!!
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