#picnic Recipes

Baked Beans With Kielbasa ready to serve.

Baked Beans with Kielbasa

I received the basic recipe from a co-worker and then tweaked it by adding my ...

A bowl of Summer Fruit Salad With Mint & Limoncello.

Summer Fruit Salad With Mint & Limoncello

This is my all-time favorite fruit salad. the fresh mint and the Limoncello add a ...

A large bowl of Oriental Coleslaw.

Oriental Coleslaw

The first time I saw this was at an office potluck, and I thought ewwww. ...

A bowl of Esther's (My Mom) Potato Salad.

Esther's (My Mom) Potato Salad

Another recipe from my boyhood! My brothers and I would always ask for this when ...

A platter of Linda's Hot Lemon-Herb Chicken Wings.

Linda's Hot Lemon-Herb Chicken Wings

I made this recipe about a good 35 yrs ago. There is a story behind ...

Dr Pepper Barbecue Sauce (for Grilled Hot Dogs)

Summer isn't complete without a few hot dog recipes. And the more flavorful the ...

Berry Delight Cake in a trifle dish.

Berry Delight Cake

I had taken a cake recipe I had discovered and revamped it with this dish. ...

Ready for lunch boxes, or cover and freeze

Betty's lunchbox pizza bread/muffins

A sandwich alternative for lunchboxes. Loaded with pizza favourites this is always a hit ...

Carrot Confetti Salad

Carrot Confetti Salad

Need a quick salad for unexpected guests or to bring to a gathering? This is ...

A large bowl of Bruschetta Pasta Salad.

Bruschetta Pasta Salad

The flavors of bruschetta in a salad. Great for picnics or potlucks.

A bowl of Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad.

Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad

Every time someone new tries it, I have a new fan. My sister and I ...

5 Cheese Macaroni with the cheese baked until golden brown.

5 Cheese Macaroni

Whether it is a summer picnic or Christmas dinner, all year around, my family asks ...

A bowl of Chili with shredded cheese on top.


I needed to make a chili for the bread I made the other day and ...

Two pieces of a Picnic Club on a plate with a pickle.

Picnic Club Sandwich

Perfect for a picnic. Had this last 4th of July and my family and my ...

beans on a plate

Easy Baked Beans

I was tired of the usual sides for ham so I decided to make some ...

Summer picnic sandwich with red pepper aioli.

Summer Picnic Sandwich

This sandwich holds up very well in a cooler and seems to get more flavorful ...

Perfect Deviled Eggs with Fresh Chives

Perfect Deviled Eggs with Fresh Chives

Perfect Deviled Eggs with Fresh Chives is a simple, delicious side dish for your summer ...

Cotton Candy Peeps; open because I love my peeps stale!  They are ready to  roast and devour!


One summer I stumbled upon one of the most amazing treats ever. We were ...

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Pub Chips With Feta & Sweet Balsamic Drizzle

My husband and I were served this incredible appetizer at an Italian restaurant a few ...

~ Favorite Mandarin Ambrosia ~

A simple, refreshing summer delight! One of my favorites and you can't beat the ease ...

Dee's Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

Easy and tasty!

Picnic Lemonade

Hot, humid summers in the heartland call for a refreshing beverage. My recipe.

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Homemade Creamy, Fruity Amish Sherbet (Easy)

Another recipe that I brought home from my time spent in Amish country. A favorite ...

Coconut Cream Cake

This cake is moist, sweet and delicious! It seems everyone wants more than one ...