Rice Side Recipes

Cranberry Wild Rice Stuffing Recipe

Cranberry Wild Rice Stuffing

By Wendy Rusch
I love cranberries, I love wild rice, I love mushrooms...so why not combine them in stuffing???...

Spanish Rice Recipe

Spanish Rice

By Cyndi Holman
My friend Elva taught me how to do "authentic" Spanish Rice - so this is just...

Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican Rice

By stephanie tate
This is a favorite when I have company. Many say it's the best Mexican rice...

Congri (cuban Black Beans And Rice) Recipe

Congri (Cuban Black Beans and Rice)

By gale vineyard
This is my bother-in-law's mother's stand-by recipe for traditional Cuban fare. Healthy and good too!

Easy Risotto Recipe

Easy Risotto

By Doreen Fish
I love this version of Risotto because it has the all creamy texture of risotto without...

Wild Rice Casserole Recipe

wild rice casserole

By shawn eide
have been using this recipe for years and adjusted to our liking. Wonderful with fish...

Infallible Rice Recipe

Infallible Rice

By Marie Susa
Found this recipe many moons ago...in a magazine...I have made this recipe so many times...it is...