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Side Recipes

Memorable sides can make the meal... or even become a meal in themselves. Dig into these scrumptious sides: vegetables, casseroles, risottos, beans and more!

Zucchini Bacon and Potato Pancakes with creme fraiche.

Zucchini, Bacon, And Potato Pancakes

Becca avatar
By Becca
Growing up as part of a German family in southeastern Wisconsin, potato pancakes were a ...
(6 ratings)
Zucchini and Vegetable Side Dish.

Zucchini And Vegetable Side Dish

Mary Claggett avatar
By Mary Claggett
We have a garden every year and we love the fresh veggies. I think I ...
(2 ratings)
Inside of the Old-Fashioned Potato Candy.

The Old-fashioned Potato Candy

Leila Rockwell avatar
By Leila Rockwell
My mother used to make this for us in the middle 1900s. To us, it ...
(8 ratings)
Baked Creamed Potatoes with a serving spoon.

Baked Creamed Potatoes

Annette Johnson avatar
By Annette Johnson
I have been making this for 40 years since I was 10 years old. I ...
(7 ratings)
A bowl of Butternut Squash Risotto.

Butternut Squash Risotto

Susan McGreevy avatar
By Susan McGreevy
I love risotto. It has such creaminess without the cream!
(8 ratings)
Candied Pears over vanilla ice cream.

Candied Pears

Cynthia Rivers Martinez avatar
By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
These are so wonderful. They are similar to what you can purchase at Cracker Barrel. ...
(6 ratings)
Crock Pot Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole on two plates with ribs.

Crock Pot Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Adrienne May avatar
By Adrienne May
This is a great breakfast or brunch dish. It tastes like the casserole from Cracker ...
(1 rating)
Tomato Pie with a golden brown crust.

Tomato Pie

Cathie Valentine avatar
By Cathie Valentine
This recipe was found while visiting Hilton Head Island one summer. We added our twist ...
(3 ratings)
Jars of Fresh Pickled Cucumber Salad.

Fresh Pickled Cucumber Salad

This stays in the refrigerator for up to two months, but never lasts that long! ...
(2 ratings)
Scrumptious Oven-Roasted Potatoes.

Scrumptious Oven Roasted Potatoes

Mark Gardiner avatar
By Mark Gardiner
I found this was a great twist on roasted potatoes. I often serve this with ...
(6 ratings)
Golden brown Ritz Zucchini Cheddar Casserole.

Ritz Zucchini Cheddar Casserole

Deb Crane avatar
By Deb Crane
This cracker zucchini cheddar casserole is truly addicting. You can use yellow squash and or ...
(20 ratings)
Spaghetti Squash Casserole with melted cheese.

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Tonya Young avatar
By Tonya Young
I'm always looking for a way to eat squash and this is a great one. ...
(11 ratings)
Golden brown Carrot Croquettes on a plate.

Carrot Croquettes

Vivian Queen-Chase avatar
By Vivian Queen-Chase
This recipe was made by my Aunt Afton to get her kids (6 and me) ...
(4 ratings)
Spinach and Bacon Tart cut into pieces.

Spinach And Bacon Tart

Joanne DiPalo avatar
By Joanne DiPalo
This easy tart is a great appetizer or a side dish with a salad for ...
(3 ratings)
A platter of Spinach Balls.

Spinach Balls

Candy Beard avatar
By Candy Beard
I can't keep enough of these on hand after making them. My granddaughters hunt them ...
(5 ratings)
Jamie's Grilled Hobo Potatoes.

Jamie's Grilled Hobo Potatoes

Jamie Beecham avatar
By Jamie Beecham
It's grilling time again, and I like to have most of my food prepared outside ...
(2 ratings)
A platter of Cinnamon and Cumin Carrots.

Cinnamon And Cumin Carrots

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
With colder weather on the way, it’s nice to have some comforting side dishes that ...
(10 ratings)
Squash, Yellow Crooked Neck Old Southern Style in a serving bowl.

Squash, Yellow Crooked Neck, Southern Style

Caroline Reznicek avatar
By Caroline Reznicek
WARNING! WARNING! This recipe is not fat or sugar-free! Definitely not for diabetics, dieters, or ...
(2 ratings)
Baking dish filled with Out-of-This-World Baked Beans.

Out-of-this-world Baked Beans

Norma DeRemer avatar
By Norma DeRemer
I have made this so long that I don't remember where I got the recipe. ...
(2 ratings)
Mediterranean Salad in a serving bowl.

Mediterranean Salad

Liz Carrier avatar
By Liz Carrier
Light salad with great Greek flavor. After a couple of hours, the croutons will begin ...
(6 ratings)
A bowl of Summer Roasted Corn Salad.

Summer Roasted Corn Salad

Christine Hadden avatar
By Christine Hadden
Summertime finds me with an overabundance of corn. This side dish is a refreshing change ...
(3 ratings)
Broccoli Filled Tomato Cups on a plate.

Broccoli Filled Tomato Cups

Robyn Bruce avatar
By Robyn Bruce
These beautiful little tomato cups can be served as a side dish beside a good ...
(1 rating)
Jars of Summer Vinegar Salad.

Summer Vinegar Salad

Jewel Hall avatar
By Jewel Hall
I like a fresh vegetable salad that will last several days. This makes two quarts. ...
(2 ratings)
Yummy Corn in a serving bowl.

Yummy Corn

Janet Parker avatar
By Janet Parker
This is actually fresh creamed corn but when my family wants it they ask for ...
(3 ratings)