Rub Recipes


By sallye bates
A spice mix for all those dishes you've wanted to try, but weren't sure what spices...

Lynn's SW dry rub

By Lynn Socko
It's super simple, but it has produced the BEST grilled and smoked pork chop, rib...

Dry Rub( for almost any meat)

By Kathy Griffin
Joe wanted me to come up with a dry rub that wasn't overly sweet or salty....


By sallye bates
This is compliments of Stubbs Barbecue, an iconic landmark in downtown Austin. President Obama chose Stubbs...

Chili Cocoa Steak Rub

By chris elizondo
An exciting and rich rub with a lot of layered flavors-from slightly sweet, to smoky to...

Chili Rub

By chris elizondo
Thanks to BHG for this versatile and standy-by chili rub. It goes great on all meats....

Jamaican Jerk Rub

By chris elizondo
A great and multilayered rub with a nice zing. Thanks to BHG for sharing this one!...

Marinade or wet rub, reduced sodium

By Lynn Socko
You can reduce the fat by using water instead of olive oil, I did that today...

Dry Spice rub

By Robin Lieneke
This spice rub is perfect for any kind of pork. I use it for ribs...

Lynn's wet rub from the south

By Lynn Socko
The smell of this alone will have you hooked.

Homemade Ruby Red French Salad Dressing

By barbara lentz
I love making fresh dressings and I usually have all the ingredients on hand.

Texas "Grillin" Rub

By Tammy Brownlow
My own blend of sweet/heat spices. Great for grilling and smoking all of your summer...

Moroccan Dry Rub

By Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz
This is a mixture of dry spices to rub on your choice of meat. This...


By Eddie Jordan
Rub down your chicken or steak. Keep some on hand when you decide to go out...


By Rose Mary Mogan
This is a combination of herbs & spices that I blended together, & find that it...

Boston Butt for Pulled Pork BBQ

By Tony G.
An easy and sure fire way to serve up the best pulled pork bbq that will...

Emeril's ESSENCE Creole Seasoning (make your own)

By David Kuhlmann
I decided to post this seasoning mix as I'll refer to it many times and how...

CRUSHES Steak House Expensive New York Strip Steak

By Tiege stucky
I've been perfecting blackened NY Strip for years. Then I stumbled on Ancho Chili powder and...

Eastern North Carolina Barbecue Sauce

By Amy H.
I love good Carolina style barbecue, but I can never make up my mind which sauce...

Lexington North Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce

By Amy H.
I love good Carolina style barbecue, but I can never make up my mind which sauce...

South Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce

By Amy H.
I love good Carolina style barbecue, but I can never make up my mind which sauce...

Tina's 4-3-2-1 Rub

By Tina Swain
I got this recipe out of a Bon Appetit magazine It is an excellent jumping...

Vanilla-Spice Rub for Chicken

By C G
From The original recipe does not specifically state a certain type of meat so...

Feliciano Adobo Seasoning

By Susan Feliciano
This seasoning gives a characteristic and distinctive Caribbean flavor to chicken. Rub the seasoning well into...
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