CRUSHES Steak House Expensive New York Strip Steak

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I've been perfecting blackened NY Strip for years. Then I stumbled on Ancho Chili powder and found the key to the perfect blacked strip that has no burned flavor. This recipe can be done in 30 minutes and makes a steak as good or better than any expensive steak house out there. Enjoy this simple and awesome recipe.

Don't waste your money buying individual steaks at the store. Get yourself a large slab of NY steak from BJ's or another warehouse store. $80 makes steak for 8 weeks!!!
My husband wrote this, and it really, is wonderful.Everyone's got their favorite, but this is truly a great .


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How to Make CRUSHES Steak House Expensive New York Strip Steak


  1. Firstly, save yourself big money. Don't buy individual steaks at the market. You can get a 15 lb uncut NY Strip at BJ's for under $100. It will make 7-8 weeks of 1 1/2 inch beautiful strips. Get a large tray, cut all of the excess fat off bottom and sides of steak slab, then cut into 1 1/2 inch strips. Go wider than you think and you'll get the right width. GO BIG!!! These are for steak lovers. Best to have a very light lunch before these :)

    I cut 7-8 for myself and then cut 4 fulls for my husband and then cut in half. 8 weeks of steak! Place each in a ziplock and put them all in a gallon freezer bag. They won't get freezer-burn.
  2. Take your frozen steak out at 11AM. These babies take until dinnertime to thaw. Thaw on plate with just a paper towel on top (if you have dogs, put them well back on the counter :)
  3. Use a stove-top cast iron grill pan (pictured). Do not use a thick grill pan. Go as thin as you can get.
  4. Then, simple...put your olive oil on the steak and put a bit more garlic powder on than you think you need. Then THE SECRET, cover completely with Ancho Chili Pepper. They're ready for the grill pan. DO NOT SALT BEFORE COOKING.

    Heat your oven to 450.
  5. Get a pastry pan and some aluminum foil on top and put in oven (see picture). Melt some butter (see main post picture).
  6. Heat the cast iron pan until it starts to smoke. Very HOT!!! Drop the steak on for 45 seconds then repeat step 4 on the top side. Flip and blacken 45 seconds.

    TURN OFF THE HEAT on the stove, or you'll have a smoke-filled house...
  7. Immediately move to the oven. Key times for your preference:

    4-5 minutes for super rare
    5-8 minutes for rare
    10-12 minutes for mid-rare
    14-15 minutes for medium

    You don't really need a side for these unless you prefer. A small side salad with Balsamic Vinagrette is perfect.

    The trick I use when doing different levels of done-ness is to do the medium steak and place in oven, turn off the cast iron grill and then fire up the stove at the 8 minute mark and blacken the second. Then I put the second in with the almost done medium for 4-5 minutes.

    I won't even talk about well-done-Yuck
  8. Pull your steak to a plate, turn off the oven and let it rest for 2 minutes. While resting, salt the steak and pour the butter over. You can salt more to taste at the table.
  9. Eat and enjoy. Watch the juice fill your plate and use it for dipping. The Ancho Pepper isn't spicy and won't give a burnt flavor.

    Does it get better than this. Your temp is done all the way through!!!!
  10. My husband's, best production! and recipe.
    Please try,and enjoy.

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