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Salad Recipes

A meal just doesn’t seem complete with a homemade salad. From rice and pasta to tuna, chicken and ham, these salads are jam-packed with fresh flavors and creative ideas. Go on and toss a few of these delicious salads into your recipe box.

A bowl of Corn, Avocado, and Tomato Salad.

Corn, Avocado, And Tomato Salad

Karen Feinen avatar
By Karen Feinen
A quick and easy salad to whip up on a busy day. A refreshing accompaniment ...
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A quick and easy fresh cucumber and tomato salad drizzled with a four-ingredient vinaigrette and topped with fresh herbs. This fresh tomato salad is ideal for the summer months when sun-ripened tomatoes are abundant on the vines.

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
This quick and easy Cucumber Tomato Salad is bursting with flavor from ripe tomatoes, crisp ...
This Greek Tuna Pasta Salad is a delicious twist on the classic pasta recipe.

Greek Tuna Pasta Salad

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
With fresh ingredients, feta cheese and a lovely dressing, this colorful salad is perfect for ...
Chicken Salad Waldorf Wannabe ready to be served.

Chicken Salad Waldorf Wannabe

Janette Suber avatar
By Janette Suber
First let me say, this is a very unconventional chicken salad. It may not sound ...
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Mom's Kidney Bean Salad

Carolyn Haas avatar
By Carolyn Haas
I loved it when my mom used to make this in the summertime. This is ...
A bowl of Chicken Pasta Salad with crumbled bacon on the side.

Chicken Pasta Salad

Dana Hayden, M.Ed. avatar
By Dana Hayden, M.Ed.
Bacon adds even more flavor to this recipe I came up with to use up ...
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Serving of Ham & Pineapple Pasta Salad.

Ham & Pineapple Pasta Salad

Lee Thayer avatar
By Lee Thayer
This recipe comes from a friend and it is delicious. Simple to prepare with common ...

Big Mac Burger Salad

Barbara Lentz avatar
By Barbara Lentz
My husband was in heaven with this salad. Good with homemade bread croutons.

Mesquite Chicken Salad With Tomato And Avocado

Vickie Parks avatar
By Vickie Parks
This is a salad I make often in the summertime when the weather is too ...
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Summertime Corn Salad ready to serve.

Summertime Corn Salad

Mary Ann Wheeler avatar
By Mary Ann Wheeler
This is a quick and easy summertime recipe I have been making for years, and ...
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Asian Salad Dressing

Maggie M avatar
By Maggie M
While looking for ideas for salads using Ramen noodles I ran across a recipe for ...
Yummy Fruit Salad Dressing poured over fruit when serving.

Yummy Fruit Salad Dressing

Lynn Troutman avatar
By Lynn Troutman
My grandchildren love a fruit salad, yummy yummy, and this dressing is simply marvelous.
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A bowl of Asian Chicken Pasta Salad.

Asian Chicken Pasta Salad

Tracy Brophy avatar
By Tracy Brophy
Great to make ahead on busy days when everyone has a different dinner schedule!
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Here's a nice healthy bowl of Israeli Salad ready to enjoy

Israeli Salad

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
Tasty, healthy and quick to make, this is a bowl of wholesomeness!
Small bowls of Cottage Cheese Jell-O Salad with pineapple and a cherry on top.

Cottage Cheese Jell-o Salad

Kim Biegacki avatar
By Kim Biegacki
Wow, talk about an easy salad to make this is it! Now, my Grammie didn't ...
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Cold Spaghetti Salad ready to serve.

Cold Spaghetti Salad

Bea Austin avatar
By Bea Austin
You can add black olives, you can add pepperoni, or also change to bowtie pasta... ...
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Chinese Smashed Cucumbers With Chili And Sesame Oi

Lori L (JostLori) avatar
By Lori L (JostLori)
A tasty side that you can adjust to your taste. Spicy or not spicy is ...
A bowl of Easy Cowboy Caviar.

Easy Cowboy Caviar

Rosina Paul avatar
By Rosina Paul
I changed the typical Cowboy Caviar to make it a quick and easy appetizer. Chop ...
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Fancy Chicken Salad

Pat Duran avatar
By Pat Duran
This juicy and delicious chicken salad is so good you will be making it often. ...
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Blue Ribbon Red Potato Salad in a serving bowl.

Blue Ribbon Red Potato Salad

Teal West-Craig avatar
By Teal West-Craig
I came across a red potato salad recipe about 8 years ago. Since that time, ...
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Celery and Mushrooms with cheese and dressing on a plate beside Meatloaf.

Simple Mushroom And Celery Salad

Barbara Miller avatar
By Barbara Miller
This salad recipe is delicious, quick, easy and nutritious. It is low carb, diabetic friendly ...
Pasta Salad for Leanne in a serving bowl.

Pasta Salad For Leanne

Penny B avatar
By Penny B
My niece always makes a request for my pasta salad and it has become a ...
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Broccoli Salad for your next cookout.

Broccoli Salad

Deb Wilson avatar
By Deb Wilson
We make this a lot for summer BBQs, but it's good any time of the ...
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Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch Pasta Salad in a serving bowl.

Chicken, Bacon, And Ranch Pasta Salad

Aleta Hepp avatar
By Aleta Hepp
This is a pasta salad I have been making for at least 15 years. So ...
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