Korean Recipes

Homemade Bulgogi Recipe

Homemade Bulgogi

By Valkyrie Raehl
My family loves Asian food, especially Korean dishes. My kids loved it. I serve this with...
Korean Chicken Wings Recipe

Korean Chicken Wings

By Cynthia Sigler
My ex-mother inlaw gave me this recipe and it's one of my favorites to take to...
Omurice ( Korean ) Recipe


By Eddie Jordan
This recipe is for 4 people. It can be doubled very easy. Be sure to cook...
Bulgogi Sauce For Beef Or Chicken Recipe

Bulgogi Sauce for Beef or Chicken

By Kimi Gaines
I have mentioned my sister Corri before...she is an amazing cook...she made this sauce and we...
Roy's Grilled Korean Beef Short-ribs Recipe

Roy's Grilled Korean Beef Short-Ribs

By Sherri Williams
One word" SCRUMDIGGITY"! These Korean beef short-ribs (Kalbi) are some of the best ribs that I've...
Korean Bbq Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs

By Zelda Hopkins
I like to make this when its really cold outside. I usually fix them in the...
Kimchi Recipe


By Marisol Beaty
We like to eat this Kimchi over sticky white rice and beef bulgogy.
Korean Meatballs Recipe


By Joanne Sarver
I've been making these meatballs for years. They go over big at parties.
Korean Beef Bulgogi Recipe

Korean Beef Bulgogi

By Katherine Fordyce
I was introduced to Bulgogi by a friends mother who is from South Korea. It has...
Korean Turkey Burger On Greens Recipe

Korean Turkey Burger on greens

By Cindy H
I started out making this recipe from a recipe I got out of a magazine. ...
Beef Bulgogi Recipe

Beef Bulgogi

By Larry Bulger
Thanks to Maangchi
Galbi Marinade Recipe

Galbi Marinade

By Melanie B
I have made this recipe many times. I got it from Better Recipes by a...
Spicy Veggies Recipe

Spicy Veggies

By Alexandria Knobel
This is very spicy/hot! This used to be called "Spicy Sausage" until my family went vegan....
Quick Korean Cut Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Quick Korean Cut Beef Short Ribs

By Pamela Rappaport
You make the giardiniera ahead. When you are ready to cook, the short ribs cook quickly...
Kim Chee Soup Recipe

Kim Chee Soup

By Jenny Roberts
My husband and I like to try new foods and found this fish (benito) powder in...
Korean Galbi Marinade Recipe

Korean Galbi Marinade

By barbara lentz
You can use this marinade for pork, beef, or chicken. I love to marinate steak in...
~ Tender Korean Style Beef ~ Recipe

~ Tender Korean Style Beef ~

By Cassie *
One tasty way to prepare sirloin steak...it can be served on a nice crusty roll, eaten...
~ Crispy Korean Inspired Thighs ~ Recipe

~ Crispy Korean Inspired Thighs ~

By Cassie *
One of my families favorite chicken dishes. So simple, tender and tasty. Enjoy!
Semi Homemade Korean Chicken Recipe

Semi Homemade Korean Chicken

By Vanessa Marie Milare
I make this as often as I can. It is a family favorite dish. And since...
Tea Lemonade Recipe

Tea Lemonade

By Chris L.
Totally addicted to the Starbucks Black Iced Tea / Lemonade. When I am home this...