Asian Recipes Sifted

Perfect Rice

Perfect Crock Pot Rice

By Brenda-Lee Barajas
This rice is soooo easy to make and it comes out perfect every time...I double the...
Sweet And Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken

By Farry Owens
This chicken is very flavorful. You will find that children especially love this dish as...
Basil Garlic Chicken

Basil Garlic Chicken

By Lindsey McCue
This tastes exactly like the basil garlic chicken at our favorite Thai place! And it's so...
Easy Stir-fry

easy stir-fry

heathy version of dinner that will make eating you vegetables easier. i make this from time...
Sweet And Sour Sauce With Chicken And Pork! :)

Sweet and Sour Sauce for Chicken/Pork/Fish

By Holly Watson
One of the many things I love to do is to collect local and home-made cookbooks!...
Veggie Pot Stickers

Veggie Pot Stickers

By Melanie Campbell
Wish your child would try carrots and spinach? This easy pot-sticker project may make her/him less...


By Michael Willison
Nice, light, and chilled for a hot summer day when you don't feel like eating anything...
Enjoy Something Different That Will Tease Those Taste Buds!! I Don't Know About You, But I Get Bored With Same Old Meals, Time To Try Something New!

Sock-It-To-U Korean BBQ - Deb

By Debbie Wilson
I love Korean BBQ! It can be made many different ways. This recipe is for the...
Cin Made The Butterfinger Pie-2 Of 3 Pix

Butterfinger Pie

By Gail Hill
this is such a good recipe. I have taught my grandaughters to make this by...
Pineapple Paradise Teriyaki Chicken Bites With Citrus Sriracha Mayo

Pineapple Paradise Teriyaki Chicken Bites with Citrus Sriracha...

By Jeanette Nelson
These Pineapple Paradise Teriyaki Chicken Bites is a big hit at my family gatherings. The sweet...
Down Island  Maui Wowee Chicken Bites

Down Island Maui Wowee Chicken Bites

By Jeanette Nelson
The fusion of sweet and spicy flavors, the enticing Asian and Caribbean flavors, and the fruits...
Authentic Indian Cuisine! Streamlined For The American Cook.

Indian Spicebox Grilled Chicken

By Jess Grearson
As someone who married into an Indian family, I love my "masala dubba" or "spice box."...
Orange & Lemongrass Shrimp Stir-fry

Orange & Lemongrass Shrimp Stir-Fry

By Jessica Hannan
I was supposed to have leftover chicken, but we had to run over to a hardware...
Here Is A Bahn Mi Sammie I Made Sometime Ago.  It Was Made With Pork Products.  This Is One Of My Favorites...i Thought I Would Add My Photo To Your Great Recipe.  Sw☺

Bahn Mi

By Jessica Hannan
I love Asian food in any way shape and form, and these Vietnamese sandwiches do the...
Asian Mexican Fusion Burrito

Asian Mexican Fusion Burrito

By Monica H
Is it a burrito? An Asian wrap? I don't know... all I do know...
Cheap Beef Lo Mein

Cheap Beef Lo Mein

By Susan Day
This recipe was given to me years ago and I had lost it.Found it today and...
Logan's Sammie Babies

Logan's Sammie Babies

By Sherri Williams
This is collection of a few of the sandwiches I've made in the last year or...
This Was Very Yummy, Don't Let The List Of Ingredients Scare You It Was Soooooooo Easy.

Gayle's Thai Peanut Noodles

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
This can be made with shimp. chicken, or pork. My friend V. muddled through the...
Braised Pork Belly ( Humba )


Braised Pork belly or HUMBA ( as filipinos call it ) is one of my favorite...
Look Grandma!  It's As Big As My Head!

This Is My Grandson Ashton With The Eggplant.

Wild Thang... Ashton with a big eggplant

By Colleen Sowa
Ashton love going to the garden... this is what he found this day.... a big eggplant......
Forbidden & Fabulous!


By Sherri Williams
the forbidden black rice has a delightful nutty flavor. the sweet, sour, salty and spicy...
Earab Korean Chicken Thighs

EARAB Korean Chicken Thighs

By Sherri Williams
Do you want that grilled chicken you get at the asian restaurant but don't have a...
Chinese Meatballs With Sesame Rice

Chinese Meatballs with Sesame Rice

By Candace Vaughan
This recipe is extremely easy and kids can join in too.
Chilled Asian Cucumber Salad

Chilled asian cucumber salad

By Greg Appel
The wife and I wanted something different with dinner one night and this is the result,...