Asian Recipes Sifted

Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe

Sweet and Sour Chicken

By Farry Owens
This chicken is very flavorful. You will find that children especially love this dish as...

Basil Garlic Chicken Recipe

Basil Garlic Chicken

By Lindsey McCue
This tastes exactly like the basil garlic chicken at our favorite Thai place! And it's so...

Accidental Five-spice Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Accidental five-spice chicken lettuce wraps

This recipe was originally a five-spice roast chicken drumsticks from this show called chinese made easy...

Easy Stir-fry Recipe

easy stir-fry

heathy version of dinner that will make eating you vegetables easier. i make this from time...

Veggie Pot Stickers Recipe

Veggie Pot Stickers

By Melanie Campbell
Wish your child would try carrots and spinach? This easy pot-sticker project may make her/him less...

Somen Recipe


By Michael Willison
Nice, light, and chilled for a hot summer day when you don't feel like eating anything...

Down Island  Maui Wowee Chicken Bites Recipe

Down Island Maui Wowee Chicken Bites

By Jeanette Nelson
The fusion of sweet and spicy flavors, the enticing Asian and Caribbean flavors, and the fruits...

Bahn Mi Recipe

Bahn Mi

By Jessica Hannan
I love Asian food in any way shape and form, and these Vietnamese sandwiches do the...