#Pound Recipes

Citrus Coconut Milk Cake

By Maggie May Schill
I went over to a Christmas gathering last month at my friend James' house. He had...

Mini Cream Cheese Pound Cakes with Pumpkin Glaze

The fall season is coming up quickly. This recipe reminds me of fall and your house...

German Butter Pound Cake

By Cassie *
This pound cake is the absolute best I ever made. Absolutely delicious. I never got to...

Toffee & Brown Sugar Pound Cake

By Joan Penney
A fantastic pound cake for a fall luncheon.

Blueberry Sour Cream Pound Cake

By Cassie *
One of my sons absolute favorites. My little Blueberry boy is what I call him. This is...

~ Pineapple Pound Cake ~

By Cassie *
This pound cake is wonderful.Very moist and tender. The pineapple sauce you drizzle over the top...

Alabama Cream Cheese Pound Cake

By SheilaJo Gillingham
Got this recipe from a GUY Cook in Alabama ... Pound Cake is my favorite ......

Mini Cream Cheese Pound Cakes

By Valerie Johnson
I've had some mini loaf pans for several years and never used them - until now....

Sweet Potato Cheesecake with a Pound Cake Crust

By S I
I was watching the show "$40 a Day" on the Food Network channel a few years...

Crusty Pound Cake

By Marcia McCance
This is my SIL Becky's Great Great Uncle, Lee A Harley's, pound cake recipe. Her Uncle...

5 Flavor Pound Cake

By Sophia 3000
This recipe was given to me by a friend after I had this at one of...

Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake

By Kelly Williams
I love pound cake! So velvety and buttery! And this Mexican version just takes it to...

Tropical Pound Cake

By Sena Wilson
We all have busy schedules beyond the "kitchen". Therefore, I search for shortcuts in recipes...

White Chocolate Strawberry Trifle - My Way

By Cassie *
Deliciously creamy good! We needed a dessert for my daughters senior class picnic, so this was...

Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Glaze

By Gail Herbest
This is a very moist pound cake, It has a light brown sugar flavor I double...

POUND CAKE ............. (An Entenmanns's Clone)

By Nancy J. Patrykus
I found this on the internet a couple years ago. What a delicious little loaf cake this...

Kickin' Karamel Kream Cheese Pound Kake

By Kesha Smith
This recipe is one that's shared throughout the family. It's a deliciously moist pound cake that...

Potluck Strawberry Trifle

By Cassie *
I was going through my TOH books, and thought I would post this delicious recipe, just...


By melinda simpson
I got this recipe from our local band foundation cookbook. One of my coworkers told...

Blueberry Pound Cake, Mr Toms

By Mary R Morris
My mothers friend MR Tom ,has made this coffe cake ,as long as I can remember.I...

Sour Cream Pound Cake

By Vicky Crisco
This pound cake bakes up tender and flavorful and the lemon glaze makes it over the...

BOURBON POUND CAKE .... (4-1/2 pounds)

By Nancy J. Patrykus
A, 4-1/2 pound cake of a utter culinary delight! I dedicate this cake to my very ...


By sallye bates
Every time I make this cake, it gets rave reviews and is quickly devoured. Even...

Easy Kentucky Pound Cake

By Chris T.
This is one of my best pound cake recipes...it came attached to either a Wilton...
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