#Mocha Recipes Quick & Easy

Oh My Mocha Cookies Recipe

Oh My Mocha Cookies

By Debbie W
This cookie has a combo of two of my favorite things Chocolate and Coffee. They are...
Awesome Hot Cocoa Recipe

Awesome Hot Cocoa

By Donna Thiemann
I have made this recipe for Christmas gifts many times and I hear back that not...
Coffee Protein Breakfast Drink Recipe

Coffee Protein Breakfast Drink

By Donna Thiemann
This was adapted from the coffee mate web site. I often fix my crumb cake for...
Mocha Marble Fudge Recipe

Mocha Marble Fudge

By Gail Herbest
I found this in a Betty Crocker cookbook I have, Had to give it a try. ...
Easy Mocha Brownies Recipe

Easy mocha brownies

By Stormy Stewart
Getting your java fix can be tricky on the run, so I make these on sunday...
Iced Cafe Mocha Recipe

Iced Cafe Mocha

By Annamaria Settanni McDonald
I have been making Iced or Hot Cafe Mochas for so long all the way back...
Vanilla & Mocha Parfaits Mini's Recipe

Vanilla & Mocha Parfaits Mini's

By Didi Dalaba
This is something my daughter and greatest inspiration and I created together... this child, adores mocha,...
Luscious Almond Mocha Recipe

Luscious Almond Mocha

By Debi Newton
Its a nice cup of coffee with friends in the afternoon or at work I take...
Easy Mocha Cream Cheese Brownies Recipe

Easy Mocha Cream Cheese Brownies

By Jenn Seiler
I love to try new things and combine different parts of recipes together to make some...
Mocha Mousse Espresso Cupcakes~robynne Recipe

Mocha Mousse Espresso Cupcakes~Robynne

By Robynne Glenn
Coffee and Chocolate Lovers Rejoice! There is no better pairing in my opinion, and if...
Mocha Creme Pie Recipe

Mocha Creme Pie

By Sandra Gilbert
This is a recipe I came up with using the Jiff Mocha Cappuccino Spread. This recipe...
Warm Spirited Mocha ( Crock Pot) Recipe

Warm Spirited Mocha ( Crock Pot)

By Cassie *
Put on a pot of this dessert coffee just before guests arrive for dinner, and it'll...
Cafe Mocha Sundae Recipe

Cafe Mocha Sundae

By Yasmita Chowdhury
This is a favorite with Coffee and Chocoholic friends
Gingersnap Cookies & Cinnamon Mocha Recipe

Gingersnap Cookies & Cinnamon Mocha

By Hope Adcox
Family favorite around Christmas time... Always beg me to make it with my cinnamon mocha:) I'll...
Festive Mocha Merrymaker Recipe

Festive Mocha Merrymaker

By Mike Chetty
I served glasses of this chilled alcoholic drink to guests at our Christmas dinner party,as a...
Cherry Mocha Coffee Recipe

Cherry Mocha Coffee

By Cindi Bauer
This is a delicious chocolate cherry coffee. Top with whip cream and a maraschino cherry, makes...
Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee Recipe

Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee

By Cindi Bauer
Annacia at food.com, inspired me to make this coffee, but I slightly tweaked the recipe to...
Mocha Cherry Cake With Maple Butter Glaze Recipe

Mocha Cherry Cake with Maple Butter Glaze

By Colette Z
This cake is just right for a get-together with the girls and the glaze is sure...
Mom's Mocha Chocolate Butter Frosting Recipe

Mom's Mocha Chocolate Butter Frosting

By Fran Murray
My family LOVES this frosting. It's one of their favorites. The key is using leftover coffee...
Steph's Triple Layer Mocha Delight Recipe

Steph's Triple layer Mocha Delight

By stephanie sorbie
This is scrumptious and the cake turned out so moist.
Vanilla Mocha Iced Coffee Recipe

Vanilla Mocha Iced Coffee

By Cindi Bauer
This Vanilla-Mocha Iced Coffee is delicious topped with whipped cream. But, I also make two versions...
Iced Mocha Coffee Recipe

Iced Mocha Coffee

By Cindi Bauer
A delicious chocolate flavored iced coffee, which you can enjoy either topped with Cool Whip, or...
Gingerbread Mocha Cookie Cups Recipe

Gingerbread Mocha cookie cups

By Rozanne James-Gooding
This gingerbread cookie recipe has been in my family for a long time. I wanted to...